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Monday, 31 October 2016

Colourful Coombe Wood

There was a heavy mist again this morning and I would have loved to have an early walk but had to go to the dentist first. The half hour drive to the dentist was spectacular with vivid autumn colours lining my route. Half way there the mist had cleared. I took a couple of photos from the car park.

My tooth was dealt with quickly so on the way home I stopped off at Coombe Wood. I was pleased to find a combination of pockets of mist and pools of sunlight.

Masses of fluffy grass seeds 

Water droplets like tiny gems.

I wish I knew what these were called. I keep forgetting to ask the gardener and haven't been able to find them online yet.

Back to the amazing leafy colours

and a pair of mushrooms. 

Sun rays through the thin mist. 

One of the "shelters" has been taken down and rebuilt in a different position.

The big beech tree. 

and from the other side.

Beams of light through the mist.

Teasels with ever changing background as the leaves go through their autumn colours.

Carpets of fallen leaves. 

Birds nest visible through thinning canopy of leaves.

Gorgeous colours everywhere.

Thin mist.

Sunlit seed heads and glistening spiders web threads. 

So many cosmos flowers but not for much longer - the weather forecast says frost is on its way in the next couple of days..

The pale, angular spindle berries are gradually turning pink.

Last remaining white iris. 

 Such a strange way that these leaves change colour. 

The gardener was planting bulbs between the bedding plants. He had just started the first of the beds.

Bulbs had been laid out in their planting positions. 

The manure heap was steaming in the warm sun. 

The gardener suggested that I might like to through the gate marked Private so I could get closer to take photos.

On my way back out through the gate I noticed a butterfly settling on the ivy flowers, sunlight shining through its wings.

Until now the new bulrushes looked as if they'd been manufactured because they are such regular shapes but now they're just beginning to burst open and reveal their seeds.

Looking back over the fence from the car park - mist still visible.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. wow! those stunning colours and the mist more than make up for the dentist! what a wonderful visit.