Arty journeys...


Monday, 27 April 2015

Rapid growth in Coombe Wood

The sun shone for my walk this morning but it was very chilly in the shade. So much has grown since I was at Coombe Wood four days ago.

Mrs Duck has two little fluffy chicks

These little white flowers are fully open. I love the way they lean towards the light.

The developing stamens are bursting out of these tiny pink buds.

The seeds in the extended wild flower bed are beginning to grow . . .
. . . quite thickly in places
Wild flower seedlings
Lovely pink blossom against the blue sky

The baby Korean pine cones fascinate me. They're opening up - I wasn't expecting that.

Green hairy octopus-like tentacles breaking out of their pink protective cover

Giant magnolia flowers wide open to the sun

Two sticks attempting to support the weight of the camelias. Many flowers are dropping now leaving a pool of petals like a reflection on the path.

Yellow azalea
Pale pinky-lilac rhododendron
Bright pink rhododendron
Vivid red magnolia bud
Pastel pink rhododendron
This rhododendron bush is more like a tree, dripping with giant bouquets of flowers above my head. 

Delicate blossom
 Tree peony developing
Really tiny buds hanging under red leaves - might be berberis

Crown Imperial fritillary from underneath

I love the colour of these buds against the blue sky

Various scrumptious colour combinations of tulips 

I can't resist photographing the ferns as they continue to unfold - with their sea-horse-like spirals.

Thank you very much for joining me. 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Sights, sounds and scents in Coombe Wood

I've been making reasonable progress recovering from a prolapsed disc but unfortunately everything seems to have gone wrong again and I had to walk very slowly and carefully yesterday morning so as not to jar my back. The sights, sounds and scents still managed to distract me from the pain for a while though, as birds sang joyfully, bright colours bombarded me and delicate floral scents wafted on the breeze.

The flat leaved ferns begin as lovely little spirals 

I love the blue and white together

These tiny buds are very easy to miss - but it's well worth having a closer look to see the yellow flowers emerging from their tufty casings

This time I managed to get a photo of the snakes head fritillary that was reasonably focused. It's not easy because the pattern on the flower, which looks slightly out of focus in real life, confuses the camera. 

This fluffy pink flower has fine white hairs on the stem and back of the petals. It also has an amazing centre which looks reminds me of a little fibre optic display!

Watering the prairie bed
Good to see the bees were busy
Bumble bee in the heather

Tiny cones continuing to develop on the Korean pine

 The scented yellow azalias will soon be out

Their buds are claw-like as they unfold

Bluebells beginning to bloom

Azalea or rhododendron?

No idea what these are - long leaves, with long stems which produce different flower like structures up the stem including little green berries

Another unknown plant - very small and looks like an underwater anenome 

The beginning of a flower on the tree peonies

  Evidence - gardener at work. 
It's amazing that one man looks after this place. 
I think he does an absolutely brilliant job. 

The old seeds are still hanging on this tree like little chains of horseshoes among the new growth.

Old hose reel
 Frilly tulips ready to burst open

I like the bold colour combination. 

 The sun was shining through the red and orange tulips, making them light up like flames.

Thank you for joining me.