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Sunday, 12 April 2015

A change of scenery. Minehead.

Last week my daughter and her husband and family took me with them to Spring Harvest in Minehead. Spring Harvest is an interdenominational Christian conference/festival which takes place annually at the Butlins resorts in Minehead and Skegness during the Easter school holidays

Our accommodation was fabulous, with beautiful sea views.

The tide was out when we arrived.
View looking left from the balcony towards Minehead
From our balcony - looking right
There were some lovely sunsets
I've been trying to take decent photos of seagulls for years but all I seem to get is a blur or rear views.
Rear views
and more rear views
I enjoyed a couple of early walks on the beach and paddled twice. The sea wasn't as cold as I expected it to be.
Rough hairy texture of palm tree trunk 

During the week there's all sorts going on and you can go to as little or as much as you like - Bible teaching, modern style worship, and seminars and workshops about the relevance of Christian faith to everyday life. There are special groups for children and teenagers plus a wide choice for adults, and  some things are suitable for all ages together, all using the same theme. There are also all the activities at Butlins - high ropes course, fun fair, swimming pool etc. - and not enough time to fit everything in so choices have to be made. 
Large colourful wrapped cross at the right of the stage 
The Big Start, suitable for all ages and was an enjoyable way to begin each day. The theme for the day was introduced in a fun way. (Yes that is Princess Leia and Mr Spock on stage.)
The man on the right with the microphone is my old boss from Wesley Owen. He now works for Scripture Union and was promoting "Guardians of Ancora", a free game which comes out in a couple of months time.
Tide coming in
I thought these gulls were wooden - but then they moved

On guard - there might be chips or ice creams to steal

Photo taken while paddling
Left on a wall while owners went for a walk
Many of the meetings are broadcast on Spring Harvest TV which suited me fine as I needed to lie down and put my feet up quite a bit - I was able to watch comfortably in our apartment.

The final Big Start
I couldn't resit a photo of this bare hedge - there were so many on the route home, with their tops cut off so neatly and the new shoots showing.

It was a very enjoyable time away - I always find it therapeutic to be near the sea and the talks etc. were interesting and relevant. 

Thank you very much for joining me.


  1. Great photos, especially the sunsets. Glad you had an enjoyable break - my twitter/crafting friend Lynnette was at Skegness.

    1. Thanks Helen, I hope Lynette enjoyed it as much as I did.

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  3. Those photos have really whetted my appetite for a visit to the sea Angela, so pleased you feel revived after your break.

    1. Thank you Cath. It was lovely to see the sea again - it's been quite a while!