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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Arty projects update

This was inspired by the work of Alice Fox and Sally MacCabe 
Sally explains this project on her her blog 

My erosion bundle had been showing signs of rust stains from quite early on so when I took the bundle down from the fence, where it had been hanging in all weathers for 3 months, I was hopeful that the rust printing had worked well.

 I took the bundle indoors and carefully unwrapped it. No spiders thankfully. 
The contents were a little disappointing. There was only one piece of fabric that had any significant rust marks on - and that looks more interesting screwed out after rinsing than it does spread out flat.
The assorted papers were disappointing too - few had any marks on at all. A friend has suggested applying more rust marks. I think I'll try accelerated methods for this (tea, vinegar, salty water etc.) rather than wait 3 months. I have done some rust printing before using tea as an accelerator. It only takes a few days and was very successful but I was attracted to this project because I wanted to see what marks made naturally by nature would be like. 
I do like the look of some of the items which were in the bundle. They have rusted a lot more during their 3 months in the garden. It's a shame they didn't manage to mark the fabric or paper as much as I had hoped.

It's all part of a learning experience though and maybe this little arty journey is just taking a different direction from the one I'd imagined to begin with. The fabric and paper definitely needed much firmer contact with the rusty items and the bundle would have probably benefited from being wetter - although it's hard to believe the winter weather didn't make it wet enough. Some sort of acceleration of the process would be a really good idea. As Sally MacCabe posted on Facebook this morning "Now I have to decide what artwork I will make with my eroded treasure..."  


Thank you very much for joining me

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