Arty journeys...


Friday, 17 November 2017

Frost and sunlight (Coombe Wood)



Nest and grapes

 More grapes (there are loads of them up there!)

Tiny red leaves

Little acer changing colour - a pool of leaves around the base.

Two frosty leaves

Purple Callicarpa berries 

Golden light under the trees

Big acer turning orange/red with small dark red acer underneath

 From underneath the big acer

Just enjoying the autumn colours

 Frost melting on leaves in the sunlight. 

Frosty borders on leaves in the shade

One of the only plants with a name label - and I can't work out what it says!

Pampas grass in the sunshine

The leaves on this plant (possibly a smoke bush) have changed colour in different ways on different parts of the plant. The leaves near the top have  a row of dark panels along each side of the central vein . . .

but further down the plant the leaves have turned mottled orange and brown.

Frosty lawn

Frosty flower bed

 Sunlit leaves 

Grapevine draped over the notice board

Hops over the arch 

 Steaming roof

Thank you very much for joining me

Monday, 13 November 2017

What a beautiful morning for a Coombe Wood walk

It was sunny but cold particularly in the shade. A light layer of frost was still on some of the plants

Blue sky reflected in the pond. 

As I looked at the reflections of the railings I noticed that reflections aren't always an exact mirror image. This is not how I would have drawn them if I had tried to draw railings reflected in a pond from memory!


Sunlit red leaves. 

 Wonderful acer colours.

I doubt if many people know the grapes are up there. I can't see them without the help of the zoom lens,. The sun made some of them look like wonderful red stained glass - how dark the others are.

A robin flitted along just ahead of me for a while, settling briefly before taking off again, hopping through branches, fluttering down onto rocks before flying up high into a tree.

Golden leaves. 

 Frosty sedum seed heads. 

Silver birch bark and red acer in the background. Far more acer leaves underneath it than are left on it now.

Big leaf tinged pink around the edges. 

Strange flowers. 

The banana plants have been wrapped with their protective clothing.

Most of the callicarpa leaves have fallen off now revealing the full glory of those purple pearl-like berries.

Now I get completely carried away with autumn leaves . . .

These were such a bright lime green just a short while ago but they have now drained of most of their colour.

These look like castor oil plants but I didn't think they flowered at this time of year. It will be interesting to see what emerges from those buds.

Sunlit leaves. 

Frost on tiny plants around the edge of one of the flower beds near the entrance.

Thank you very much for joining me.