Arty journeys...


Saturday, 1 December 2018

Friday morning walk. Last day of meteorological autumn (Coombe Wood)

A bright and sunny day - the last day of meteorological autumn.

Blue sky!

Tiny droplets of water sparkling on spiders threads

Sunlight through leaves.


Has that just been planted? Or has it been mulched? I don't remember seeing it there before.

Funny how leaves higher up some trees fall first whereas on others the leaves on the tips of the branches are the last to fall.

The gardener has been tidying.for the winter.

No leaves on this little acer now - just seeds.

 A glimpse of moon peeping through the bare branches. 

Not a good photo but I was surrpised to see this vibrant green among all the brown.

Magenta Pokeberry stems with reddening leaves

and dark berries shrivelling up. 

So many pods on the golden rain tree. 

For some reason these branches make me think of cupped hands about to receive something.

Another not very good photo but look - there are buds here.

The beauty berries still look stunning - like a cloud of purple now all the leaves have dropped.

Such a variety of colours from one tree!

A few leaves have caught in the bare branches of the azaleas underneath. Green buds are showing on the azalea stems

Sunlight through ferns. 

I like the patterns the branches make against the blue sky.

Large paw print. Badger? 

More branch patterns.

Some of the trees still have leaves left on them and the sun lit up some of them. 

Slender stems swaying in the breeze. 

The spindle berries have dropped most of  their orange seeds. 

Bird sunning itself at the top of a tree. 

Surveying the surroundings.

Two - have they had an argument?

Daytime moon-  delicate in the blue sky. 

There are still a few bright pink fuchsias with their purple underskirts.

I was about to head for the gate. My feet were wet and cold but I felt compelled to go back and round a longer way.
"What for?"
"Just as far as the log."
"Why? What am I looking for?"
" Look carefully."

Well I didn't expect to see snowdrops yet! Just a few peeping up through the fallen leaves. (There are snowdrops in the garden at the house I'm hoping to move into.)

And I came across some wonderfully green and frilly lichen too.

When I passed this way before the Liquid Amber tree was in shade - now the top was lit up by the sun.

Clusters of seeds hanging down from a tree just next the the yew arch.

Recently planted flower beds. 

Grapes near the notice board. 

Hops. These have dried out and become papery. They're as light as a feather.


More reflections 

 Trees in various stages of leaf loss. 

Later on in the day I heard that we have exchanged contracts and we have a moving date before Christmas. I'm very happy with that! I think I'll be very busy during the next few weeks!  

Thank you very much for joining me.