Arty journeys...


Monday, 18 September 2017

With friends at Coombe Wood - Monday.

A friend and I enjoyed a walk together - managed to miss the rain. I didn't take as many photos as usual because we were busy chatting!

The carpet of cyclamens behind the fence next to the car park.

I like the patterns that the broken mesh makes

Deep red berries. 

Huge leaves, catching fallen pine needles. 

My friend noticed a pine cone among the pine needles.

More pine needles looked as if they were floating - caught in spiders webs.

The feather that I photographed last time was still trapped on the shrub but looking much more bedraggled.

Even though this little flower is fading the colour is stunning. 

Another feather with several water droplets sitting on it.

Very dark berries. 

Yew berries

Strawberry tree berries - and some flowers (just off centre to the right and half way up the top right quarter.)

Japanese Anemone middle

Wonderfully colourful leaves and berries. The gardener told me what this plant is called last time I was there and I wrote it down but forgot to include it - it's a Phytolacca americana (American Pokeweed!)

I don't even remember taking this photo - the tree is the spindle berry tree which is covered in green berries (?) - not ready to open and let their spindles down yet.

Whereas the different version around the corner is dropping its spindles. What incredible colours they are.

This bee's wings caught the light. (It has pollen grains on it's right wing tip.)

Seeing through each layer of plants to the next

Arching grasses. 

We met a friend - and the three of us had a lovely lunch together in the Coach House cafe. I really like this light that sits on a dresser in the corner.

Looking closer at the light.

Thank you very much for joining me. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

More sunshine (Coombe Wood) FrIday morning

The colour of these tender banana leaves by the pond caught my attention. While photographing them I heard a horse and rider clopping past and caught a glimpse of them through the trees

Many of the leaves from the fallen willow branch are floating in the pond and the latest winds have blown many pine needles into the pond too.

Sunlight through the big leaves on the vine 

 A tiny fluffy feather caught on a twig attracted my attention to the small crinkly leaves and little blue flowers - I thought these flowers had finished ages ago.

More blue flowers (completely different kind) further along the path.

Daisies scrambling down the bank - these have lasted for such a long time.

Strawberry tree flowers. 

I sat on a bench to eat a croissant I'd brought with me (early Dr's appointment - didn't have time for breakfast). A perfect pine cone was balanced in the gap between two benches.

The gardener has cut back many more of the plants that were blocking the paths among the prairie plants since my last visit. He has left the cuttings on the ground to dry out.

Pink tufty flowers.

Looking closer. 

 And even closer - bees are so fluffy close up.

A long stem runs through the other plants, with bright shiny berries at intervals.

The Japanese anemones are tall and unruly now, spilling across the other plants. 

Some of them sparkled as if glitter had been sprinkled over them.

Another pathway through the prairie planting. It's lovely to be able to follow these paths again and be in among all the flowers.The area covered by the prairie plants isn't very big but I can easily lose myself in there for ages.

The curls in the middle of these yellow flowers create lovely shadows.

I didn't even notice the tiny spider on this one (just below the bees wing tip) while taking photos of this bee.

 Since my visit on Monday the hedges have had a hair cut.

Water drops on a carpet of purple. 

Grass seeds. 

These reddish grasses tumble out like little water falls glittering with water drops. 

Red berries and blue sky. 

 Darkening Callicarpa berries. 

Deep raspberry red flower (Sumach?) 

Looking closer. 

Leaves beginning to change colour.

 Hydrangea flowers fading. 

Slender, fragile looking little fuchsias. 

 Flowers in the herbaceous borders. 

Cosmos buds. 

The lawn between the flower borders was sprinkled with autumn leaves. The grass was wet - I'm not sure that flip flops will be suitable for much longer - my feet were wet and cold.

Now on to the flower beds on the way to the gate

This flower was springing up and down with the weight of the bee.

So many sunflowers on one stem. 

The gardener was by the gate with his wheelbarrow. He had taken out the banana plant that I had photographed at the beginning of my walk and some of the others from the higher flower bed.  He told me that the weather at night was too cold for them now.

Thank you very much for joining me.