Arty journeys...


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sunday morning walk across the park

One of the challenges of having had eye surgery (apart from all the eye drops) is that I'm not able to drive for quite a while - probably months. I really appreciate my little car and I'm so used to being able to pop out in it but now every excursion relies on a lift or is on foot or public transport and it all takes careful planning.

There are bonuses though. I'm seeing things that I would normally zoom past.

On Tuesday my daughter drove me to the supermarket and helped me with the food shopping and as we passed Ashburton Park I noticed a long white fence around the main gates. This morning as I walked to church I was able to get a closer look.

First I had to pause to photograph the pink hoarding around the old library. I love way the vibrant pink panels peep between the tree trunks.

The trees create shadowy lacy patterns on the pink boards. 

I wish I'd taken a photo of the outside of the white panels around the gate on my way but I was distracted by the discovery that my camera lens fitted between the panels at many of the joins and I could therefore get a good look at what was inside. A rather large area has been fenced off for what has been described by the council as "the construction of larger main gates."

This is only part of the area which has been fenced off.

 There are several stacks of building materials. 

Previously I said I thought the area that had been fenced off was rather large - actually it seems unnecessarily enormous. It made me wonder if they were planning something other than just enlarging the gates.

Another photo inside the fence (lens through the gap between two panels.

Building materials. 

Walking back from church I remembered to take a photo from the outside . . .

. . . before taking more of the inside through the gaps. It really is quite a huge area that has been contained by the long meandering white fence.

More stacks of building materials. 

A bit of a trench on the left. 

Some of the wall by the gate has been knocked down and some of the green railings have been knocked down.


I can't help wondering why they need all these stacks of fancy bricks if as the council says "the removed wall will be reused in the new reconstruction." It's all a mystery.

Thank you very much for joining me. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

1st Coombe Wood walk since eye surgery.

A ridiculous amount of photos from my first Coombe Wood walk since I had eye surgery a week ago. At the moment the recovering eye is blurry and not very happy in bright light.

I went there straight from the hospital by bus and then tram - something I will need to get used to doing more as it will be quite a while before I'm able to drive again.

The walk down the hill from the tram stop.

The gunnera leaves are getting very big. 

Lovely clear reflections in the water.

Tall raspberry coloured primulas by the pond.

The skunk cabbage middles have shot up - so have the leaves which now make the yellow petals look quite small.

Wonderful beds of bright tulips.

Shaggy pink tulip.


Various colour combinations and different heights.

Orange and red in the background and pink and red at the front.

Looking at the different heights - shorter red tulips and tall pink ones.

A quick look at the fig tree. 

The delivery lorry with a landscape picture made with food  on the side parked by the fence.

 A pair of ducks.

She's just bobbing up from having her head under the water.

Pink edged rhododendron. 


Lilac azalea or rhododendron. 

Looking closer.

The catkins I tried to photograph the other day show up much better with the lilac flowers in the background.

 A little splash of yellow.

Acer tree with tiny leaves. 

Shrub at the top of the path - covered in white flowers. 

Multi-coloured  anthers. 

 So many greens - and little splashes of blues, whites etc. 

Berberis flowers. 


Acer leaves unfolding. 

Mahonia flowers. 


 Ceanothus - looking closer at the amazing structire. 

 One of the cats had made a "nest" to curl up in. 

From under the Golden Rain Tree. 

Palm flower buds. 

Upright white flowers.

Clusters of yellow flowers. 

Korean pine cone. 

Such a variety of colours. 

Looking closer at that patch of orange. 

White flowers. 

I wish you could smell these - they are incredible. Their gorgeous scent fills the air.

Red acer.

I kept bumping into the gardener. He was watering some of the recently planted young trees. He has a new "uniform" - with a change of colour and logo.

Young walnut leaves.

Camellia - and fallen blooms underneath. 

Azaleas and Rhododendrons lining the pathway. 

Pink, white, lilac and yellow. 

Pink buds opening into large pure white flowers. 

Bright pink and yellow. 

Softer pink. 

Deep pink again - with mottled patterns. 

The mottled pattern looked as if it had been printed and the ink was still wet. 

This bush/tree is enormous and is weighed down with buds and blooms.

Pink buds which fade to white as they open. 

More pink. 

Double anthers. 

I caught sight of something moving on the ground and took a photo without being able to see what it was and discovered a spider.


Those onion-smelling plants are developing green berries where the flowers were.

Red leaves. 

Tiny buds and blossom. 

There are a lot of different white flowers around at the moment. 

White blossom. 

Tall stems covered in delicate starry flowers. 

A little tree in the wide herbaceous border has wire mesh protection around it - it's little branches are covered in white blossom.


Orange tulips. 

Red and yellow.

The markings on the orange tulips are incredible. 

Shaggy red tulip. 

Ferny spirals. 

Vinca - I've only recently noticed the star in the middle. 

I kept walking around looking at the tulips, amazed at the wonderful colours.

Yes - I know - I got carried away! We're nearly at the end now. 

I walked down the hill towards the tram stop and was extremely grateful when my daughter drove by and offered me a lift home.

Thank you very much for joining me.