Arty journeys...


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Short hot Tuesday morning walk (Coombe Wood)

I only had short walk this morning. It was very hot!

Lovely light shining through the plants around the pond.

I noticed the surprisingly large shadow of a bird before seeing the heron landing on a rock.

After a short look around ithe heron took off again and a just couple of gentle flaps with its huge wings took it to the other side of the pond.

Silk tree flowers. 

Flecks of gold (grass seeds)

More gold - the Golden Rain Tree still looking glorious!

I do love these! I hope I can get some to go in my new garden.

Now for some echinaceas and bees. 

and a couple of photos of a long legged spider 

Sunlight through echinacea middles. 

Happy bee foraging. 

Long proboscis searching for nectar. 

Palm and banana trees. 

Teasel -  fluffy seeds catching on the spiky stem. 

Tall grassy plants with dangling flowers and seeds which flicker in the slightest air movement.


Echinaceas and bees again. 

Starry seed pods. 

Lovely little blue flowers with striking pink and white centres and zingy lemon anthers.

The grapes are growing fast. 

Two particularly bad photos next - my continued attempts to photograph dragonflies. A massive one was flitting back and forth in front of the rocks - that blurred thing on the far left.

And another - it's in the centre. I can see why people think they look like fairies - I think the bluriness on this one makes it look as if it has a pale blue dress on.

Masses of acorns on the acorn tree over the road in the overflow car park. I parked over there under the trees so my car wouldn't be quite so much like an oven for the journey home.

Thank you very much for joining me. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Another sunny Monday morning (Coombe Wood)

Cosmos middle
Action photo - bee. 

Flower beds overflowing. 

The gardener was watering, He saw me taking photos, waved and then posed, so I took a photo of him.

Bees drinking.

Buds on the silk tree. 

Big bee on echinops (globe thistle). I love that blue and the curls.

Echinacea - fast moving bee's wings. 

So many butterflies - they were everywhere! 

View of the Golden Rain Tree from the middle of the prairie beds.

Orange and yellow.

Dainty lilac flowers with Golden Rain Tree out of focus in the background. 

Prairie planting.

There were butterflies flitting everywhere. (Two in this photo)

Back to those tiny lilac buds - some beginning to open.

Quaking grass seeds.

I missed these flowers - they don't look as if they were the same colour as the flowers on the bigger tree round the corner.

I found some miniscule white spikey structures on some oak leaves - the one on the right has a tiny hole in the top. Researching online when I got home they might have something to do with the little spider who was running about nearby - they are probably spiders egg cases.


More butterflies.

Two ladies had found a spot in the shade to do their artwork.


Teasel flowers close up. 


Red sunflower

I was trying to catch a photo of this little butterfly with its wings open but it was so fast - it was hiding the beautiful sapphire blue.

Grapes hanging down over the Welcome to Coombe Wood sign

A final litle butterfly

Thank you very much for joining me.