Arty journeys...


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Lingering mist and autumnal colours at Coombe Wood

It was misty when I went to bed last night - and still misty this morning. I would have loved to go straight to Coombe Wood but I had to go to the Dr's surgery first for a routine check up and flu injection. I was pretty sure the mist would have disappeared by the time I could get to Coombe Wood for a walk.

There was still a light mist in the distance.

The roof of the long shelter was steaming. 

A pool of sunlight  lit up the fallen nut shells on the ground under the big beech tree. Several branches have been lost in the last couple of years - more obvious now that some of the leaves have fallen.

Turning to look from the other side of the tree - rays of sunlight in the mist.

In spite of the blue sky I thought it was raining at one point. The gentle breeze was dislodging water droplets from the leaves, 

As I turned corners I found more wonderful rays as the sun shone through the mist.

Sparkling diamond-like raindrops.

I moved closer and stood in the rays. 

 As I walked into the light the rays spread and then disappeared.

Round the corner there was more sunlit mist. 

I walked along the wet grass admiring the herbaceous borders, still overflowing with colour. Pokeweed  - stunning pink stems and dark shiny berries! 

Younger berries - each one with a water droplet on it.

Cosmos - starry centre.

This Cosmos flower was like a saturated pink nylon raincoat. All that moisture didn't put the bees off. 

 Vine leaves clambering up the trees. 

 Judas tree seed pods. 

Golden rain tree pods.

Pale grass seed heads sparkling with water droplets. 

Most of the yellow petals have fallen now leaving the domed centres. 

Grasses arching more than usual under the weight of the water droplets. 

Bedraggled pampas grass bowing down. 


A couple of times I changed direction to avoid an enthusiastic stream of school children.

Many of the Korean pine cones have disintegrated and scattered their seeds. 

Impressive purple callicarpa berries. 

Back to the Korean pine cones again - I noticed that and some still have a few seeds left at the top making them look like lollipops.

Callicarpa with Sumac tree behind it. 

Looking closer at the Sumac Tree.

Just across the path - more colourful leaves.


Clusters of winged seeds.

This is all that is left on the Candyfloss Tree.

Water droplets clinging to each little stem.

One little brightly lit flame-like leaf.

Thready webs dotted with water droplets.

The mist still lingered.

Some colour changes are more subtle than others.

Sunlight through brittle leaves.


Festooned with glittering webs like tiny fairy lights.

The Liquid Amber Tree leaves are starting to turn now.

Another look at those gorgeous Golden Rain Tree pods.

Smoke bush leaves changing. 

I love way the light shines through a vine leaf here and there.

I still don't know what these are but they are such a lovely bright cheerful colour....

......and don't they look fabulous against the blue sky!

Hops fading.

Gorgeous reflections.

Thank you very much for joining me.