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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Monday June 4th Cornwall (catching up)

On Monday 4th I got well and truly carried away photographing the sea. Here's a small selection...

and when I got back to the cottage I carried on photographing the sea from the window.

The three of us went for a long walk southwards along the coastal path. This notice kept us on the pathway!

Looking back to our cottage which is below the tin mine

Blue sea, blue sky, hot sunshine, gorgeous views.

We came across several more tin mines on our walk

Burial mound and tin mine


We all managed different lengths of walk and turned back when we needed to.

On the way back I stopped for a chat with a young lady who was re-painting the lettering on marker stones. She was very pleased that people were interested in what she was doing and happy to have her photo taken.

On the way back down a steep chunky gravel slope a piece of gravel slid underfoot and I fell forwards gashing through my trousers and knee and grazing my hand and both feet as well. It could have been a lot worse. Fortnuately I bounced back well at the time but I did feel quite shocked later on and my knee is still healing. I was very glad it didn't slow me down too much and I was still able to manage most of the things I wanted to do. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 
more to come

Sunday June 3rd in Cornwall (catching up)

What bliss it was to wake up and see this sea view out of my bedroom window and know it's going to happen again 6 more times!

I went for an early morning walk. 

Looking up to the tin mine on top of the hill outside our door.

A cuppa and a sketch book in the early morning sun.

After breakfast we had a walk on the beach - Priests Cove - where we found various places to draw and take photos.

Looking back - our cottage is the furthest to the left below the tin mine.

Fishing huts.

Rock pools

This building fascinated me, I photographed it from various angles in different light during the week. An artist called Carolyn Lamb did a watercolour of that building in July 2016 and called it The Old Pump House - commenting that she had drawn it previously in 2011 when it still had a roof. Another source called it an explosives store for the mine. 

I clambered up the rocks and up the steps and took this photo of my friend on the beach below, a long way down! I was standing at the doorway gripping the door frame with one hand because my balance is dodgy.

Roof (lack of a roof!)

Coming down was even harder than going up - and not done elegantly! 

No sand here. I found it easier to walk on the big boulders than the pebbles which wobble and move around underfoot.

I became fascinated with all the coastal plants - bright yellow Common Bird's Foot Trefoil and Thrift  or Sea Pinks

Colourful boat

Boats were taken out of the water quite quickly and stored at the top of the slipway.

I did a couple of quick line drawings of these rock shapes.

Looking back at that concrete hut. 

Returning to the cottage I spread out my finds - rusty metal, green and red seaweed and limpet shells. 

It was lovely to look at these things with the sea view right behind them. 

We all enjoyed having the Juliet balcony open - the sound of the sea filled the sitting room. (It was wonderful for the tinnitus - it masked it beautifully!)

Rocks and silvery rock pools. 

The ever changing view from the Juliet balcony.

When the sea glittered and sparkled like this in the evening it summoned us up the track, up the steep steps to the coastguards hut.

I love the way the coastal plants scramble over the rocks, growing in the most unlikely places. This is yellow Kidney vetch - we'll have a closer look at this in another blog post.

English Stonecrop

Views like this took my breath away time and time again.

Short succulent leaves with red buds and bright flourescent pink flowers which open in good sunlight and close tightly in poor daylight or when evening comes.

I think that dome of white flowers might be a sea carrot. 

 Kiney vetch with sea splashing on the rocks below. 

Sea Campion with anthers like tiny pastel coloured coffee beans. 

Oxeye Daisies

Thrift - pink and white

The steps down from the coastguard's hut


A more gentle sunset. 

I headed back to the cottage when the sun disappeared behind the low cloud. Apparently I left too soon because it dropped out again like a red balloon - I missed that but I did look back and see the sea turning pink.

Thank you very much for joining me. 
more to come.....