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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Hot morning walk yesterday (Coombe Wood)

There was a lovely deep blue sky and it was already getting quite hot when I arrived at Coombe Wood yesterday morning.

Two horse riders passed by. 

The gunnera leaves are getting very big . One of the "flowers" is poking through the railings.

The reflections on the pond were stunning - lovely to see blue sky reflections

Yellow irises 

Primula vialii (I looked it up.) They remind me of "Fab" - ice lollies.

The food delivery lorry with a picture of scenery made with food on the side, parked by the railings again making interesting reflections in the pond.

So many more of these have opened since my last visit

 and this little shrub is absolutely covered in dainty flowers

Bottoms up - there's a beetle like creature burrowing into one of the flowers.

and bees enjoying flowers nearby


Sunlight through paper-thin petals

 Similar - but a different colour.

These remind me of butterflies wings when they come out of their cocoon but unlike butterflies wings these never seem to un-crumple.

These "catkins" aren't the usual fluffy pollen filled kind - they have a more solid geometric structure.

A flash of pink under the acer at the top of the steps caught my attention - a foxglove (left), almost matching the allium (right). The allium has lost the top flowers now and has seed pods on the top stems, which are camouflaged against the acer leaves - which makes it look as if the top of the alliums sphere has melted away.

Most of the purple alliums in the prairie beds are losing their flowers now.

 But some of the bigger ones are getting ready to open.

Another happy bee.

Tall slender irises. 

The last tree to lose its leaves (it was still losing them a few weeks ago) looking splendid now against the blue sky.

Huge Crown Imperial Fritillaria seed pods 

I only noticed when looking at the photo later that there are at least 8 bees on this one little area of blossom..

The wild flower area is springing up now. 

These may be past their best but what a lovely pop of colour they make.

The alliums in this little corner looked quite tall last week but the shrub in front has grown rapidly and is almost taking over.

Tropical corner - palm flowers.

The Korean pine cones looked navy blue with little green "tongues",. Strange how the colour  looks so different in different light.

Striking green of the leaves against blue sky.

Tiny "flowers".

Bee and foxglove.

Another bee approaching the foxglove - proboscis at the ready. I've not seen that before. It's normally rolled up when the bee is flying.

Sunlight through leaves.

 Burgundy acer leaves and tiny red winged seeds.

Walking around the corner I was surprised to step into a pocket of very strong azalea perfume as many of the flowers look like this now.

More sunlight through leaves. 

Acer leaaves - silhouettes for a change

Some of the rhododendrons are still looking beautiful. 

The leaves that will be huge  still quite small at the moment - the flowers at the end of most branches.

Pink rhododendrons in the sunshine. 

Australian pine top - new growth so different in colour and texture from the old growth.

 A small tree dotted with tiny upright stems of buds and little shaggy white flowers.

I lingered for quite a while gazing at the lovely colours of leaves, sky and blossom.

Around the corner the sun blazed through colourful leaves.

Cornus bracts. 

Spindle-berry buds.

Bee on an allium. 

Individual flowers like 6 pointed stars with a crown in the centre.

Pastel lilac irises. 

Looking closer - lovely textures.

 A shiny little beetle on a white iris petal. 

Peony buds. If my memory serves me well these will be meringue pink.

A cluster of big alliums just coming out. 

Iris "beard" 

The gardener has cleared some of the flower beds ready for the next planting.

A few beds haven't been cleared yet.

A froth of tiny flowers by the gate. 

These are by the gate too - they're really tiny.

A last look at the pond - pink candelabra primula in the foreground.

Thank you very much for joining me.