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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Tuesday (Coombe Wood)

On Tuesday a friend collected me (still not driving after my eye operation) and took me to Coombe Wood.

The candelabra primroses by the pond are fading - I love the colours and shapes as they decline.

Most of the tulips have shed their petals. 

A few still just clinging on. 

We had a lovely lunch in the Coach House cafe courtyard in wonderful warm sunshine. A brave robin was flitting very close to everyone.

After lunch we had a walk. 

These lovely delicate crumply-petaled flowers are all popping out now - the middle seems to glow.

I thought the pale colour on this tree was new growth but looking closer it's the flowers.

A curtain of catkins

Allium pushing through little acer leaves. 

Flocks (?) of alliums.

Another one of these. 

Water droplet on thick leaves. 

Checking out the progress of the palm flowers. 

A shower of pink striped bells which look as if they have been partially dipped in pink dye.

Rhododendrons still going strong. 

The tall tree which will have very large leaves has many more flowers on it now.

Peachy pink.

There's some good healthy growth at the top of the Australian Pine tree now.

Weigela? Where did all those flowers come from - I didn't even see buds last time I had a look . . . that was quick.  

Cornus bract (modified or specialised leaves). The flower is the bobble in the middle.

Mushrooms again. Until recently I thought mushrooms were an autumn thing but apparently there are lots to look out for in Spring and Summer too.


The gardener was somewhere nearby . . . 

working on the herbaceous border. 

Back to the headless tulips. The under-planting is still wonderfully colourful. 

The bees were enjoying the alliums. 

Little burgundy flower

I really like the wonderful shapes and colours of these dying tulips.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. as you saw from my Kew post yesterday the alliums there were gorgeous too! Love the pink cistus with the crumply petals, it's a gorgeous one - I only saw white ones yesterday as i didn't go down the path where the others were.. may have missed some beauties. That last shot of the fading tulip is beautiful - what a glorious colour.

  2. Thank you very much for the name of the cistus!