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Monday, 20 April 2015

Coombe Wood - a gentle stroll with a friend

Yesterday I met a friend I haven't seen for quite a while and we had a good catch up over a light lunch followed by a gentle stroll in Coombe Wood.

The helebores are developing some fabulous seed pods. Some had four pods, some had six and some had eight - I didn't notice any with odd numbers of pods.

 Tiny yellow flowers with curled back petals

Yellow Fritillaries
My friend was extremely good at noticing several things I hadn't noticed. She spotted a snakes head fritillary which I would have missed. We both tried to photograph it but unfortunately my photos were all blurred - I hope it's still there next time - I'll try again next time I'm there.

Baby Korean pine cones
Little clouds of white flowers 

Lovely to see the busy bees
It's very easy to walk by and not notice these tiny strange structures.

 Staying small scale - these delicate yellow flowers could so easily be missed.

Harder to miss these though.
Grape hyacinths
Looking closer at the ferny fronds - they're covered in tiny hairs

Tulips and orange fritillaries
Each time I see the euphorbias I think surely that must be the last structure to grow on top of the last one - but then they produce yet another strange construction on top of that.

Not a well focused close up but a breeze was blowing.

Thank you very much for joining me again. 


  1. As usual Angela, you've homed in on some really interesting detail, the likes of which most of us would miss, so thank you.