Arty journeys...


Friday, 3 April 2015

Two walks - two days

First Walk - Yesterday on my own

Weird and wonderful miniature moss world (with raindrops)
Red leaves and thorns
Why haven't I ever noticed this tree before? The "Catkins" caught my eye. I'm so glad I went for a closer look. 
Tiny creamy cup-like flowers hung down like strings of pearls - a bit of a challenge to photograph because of the breeze
 Closer . . .
 . . . and closer 
 . . . and closer
. . .  for a really good look. Barely a leaf bud in sight - all flowers.
I wonder why I've never noticed this exquisite tree before? 

Then on to tree I have photographed before with delicate bell-like flowers which hang from leafy branches

Evidence of planting
A group of volunteers had come to scatter wild flower seeds in the newly rotavated flower bed. The gardener told me it was volunteer day - some volunteers were working on the wild flower bed while others were renewing a bench at the top of the hill in the woods.

Dripping wet
More different buds I've never noticed before

Second Walk - Today with my cousin

We had expected to get quite wet but the rain held off and we enjoyed walking and talking and taking photos. 

I had a much closer look at these plants with their strange alien shapes

There are still a few seeds left on the Korean pine cones - but not many now
We noticed a plant with dark red leaves just beginning to open and had a closer look at the interesting shapes

Dead tree
Bracket fungus on a dead tree trunk. I like the way the bark curls back in layers on the right hand side of the photo.

Tiny blossom
Diagonal stripes - the new green leaves opening at the bottom of the photo, papery old flower heads in the middle and purple helebores in top right hand corner. A "life, death, life" photo for today - Good Friday.

Crazy buds opening a bit more
Helebore middle - so flamboyant
Little rhubarb-like red stalks with green leaves and red barely visible tiny flowers

Almost luminous bloom
 Another kind of tiny bell-like flowers - hanging in clusters this time

At the edge of the pond

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. Once again some beautiful photos Angela, and it's great to think that even when you go as often as you do, there is always something new to see.

    1. Thank you Cath. Every time I go there I get so absorbed - it helps distract me from the health difficulties and other stuff for a while. I always manage to notice something there that I find amazing.

  2. It was great to be able to go with you today, and revisit this beautiful place. Thanks for the company and your photos are staggeringly beautiful. xx

    1. Thoroughly enjoyed it Helen - thank you for coming over. Love your photos too! We certainly mustn't leave it so long! X