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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

More Autumn colours (Coombe Wood)

A cool but bright autumn morning - just right for a walk. At the beginning of my walk I could see my breath hanging in the air.

The pond has a thin green film over it again

but the little stream is flowing clear. 

Little berries - the thorns on this plant are vicious. 

These bright berries were still wet with dew. 

Seed pods - the stems remind me of rusted wire. 

Leaves spilling through the railings above the cafe courtyard.

Michaelmas daisies with drops of dew sprinkled over them like glitter.

More drops of water - like tiny diamonds on these ornamental grasses.

Red flowers - still going strong.

Tiny pods.

Two men passed by - one man said how lovely it was to see so many colourful flowers at this time of year.

The structure and colour contrast of these fascinate me.

Red leaves and love-in-a-mist seed pods. 

The clumps of red grasses have coloured right up to their tips now - crazy colours - specially with a blanket of pinky red Michaelmas daisies behind them.

There's so much red and pink everywhere at the moment.

Little pods at the top of one of the trees with big leaves. This tree is shorter than the others so it's easier to see the pods.

The light was shining through this shrub making it look really pretty. (Don't get too close though it smells pretty dreadful!)

 Callicarpa berries - so many this year. 

 The sun was spotlighting the silver birch bark.

The colour of this plant is incredible. I said last time that it was like a burning bush - it's even more like one now!

 Tiny seed pods with spikes. 

Colourful berries and leaves. 

 Spindle berries opening. 

The biggest tree slices have been taken away. 

There are piles of sawdust and wood shavings lying around.

The view through the crushed hedge into the damaged herbaceous border.

While zooming in to take a better photo of the white stone buried in the part of tree that the branch broke from, I noticed a smooth grey stone slightly lower down which I hadn't seen before. A very odd place for a collection of stones.

 Glimpses of red in the splitting crocosmia pods. 

Wild carrot seed heads - a mass of intricate shapes.

Delicate red flowers.

 Cosmos buds - still more opening. 

Double white cosmos flower among the purple Michaelmas daisies.

I'd heard the buzzing of machinery - and spotted where it was coming from as I neared the end of my walk. The gardener was trimming shrubs and overhanging branches by the pond.

A red salvia growing up through another flower. What a colour combination!

Neatly shaped shrub. 

The pond may have a thin green film over it but you can still see the fish.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. hope you were well wrapped up this morning, it was really cold! great photos - love the michaelmas daisies which are still going strong.

    1. Yes it was chilly but lovely and bright - somehow it doesn't feel quite as cold if it's bright.

      I don't think I realised that there were so many colours of michaelmas daisy before!