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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Catching up - Thursday Coombe Wood

A dull grey morning but still plenty of colour at Coombe Wood.


Leaves turning colour

Michaelmas daisies.

Looking closer at the grass seeds - orange tubes and beetroot coloured hairs with kinks in them

Young holly berries before they turn red. 

Still colourful allthough they're coming to their end. 

Many of the dark berries have fallen off revealing more of the bright stem.

Callicarpa berries darkening. 

Heart shaped markings on a leaf. All the rest have faded now.

I decided to try the hill and made it to the top, passing this knobbly tree on they way.

People have been quite creative at the top of the hill.

This large one has been there for a long time but has obviously had some recent renovations.

Sweet chestnuts starting to fall. 

I felt able to try coming down the steps for the first time in a very long while and managed to get all the way down, very slowly.

I've not noticed these ferns before - they have groups of curly leaves coming out of the end of each frond,

 Spindle berries turning red. 

Tiny acer leaves and seeds.

The broken branch - still waiting for the tree surgeon. 

 Teasel curls.

A different view of the pampas grass. 

The broken branch from the other side of the hedge - into the herbaceous border. Leaves are falling off now making it easier to see how much damage has been done underneath the enormous branch.

 These flowers seem almost luminous. 

 I wasn't expecting to see iris buds yet. 

 What massive middles these little white flowers have.

Cat yawning. 

It still amazes me that these can manage to grow upwards in spite of difficulties.

 Lovely colour combination. 

As I was going back to my car it started raining - just a light drizzle at first but then it poured down on my way home.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Great photos. Only on my phone still so they're a bit small. Will look again when I get home

    1. Thank you Helen. Looks like you've enjoyed your time away. Looking forward to hearing more about it.