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Monday, 3 October 2016

Chilly sunshine, spiders webs, water droplets and wet feet (Coombe Wood)

Too cold for flip flops today. Sadly I found out just how much my boots leak (but at least I can zip them up now!)

The gunnera beside the pond. 


Water droplets on the euphorbias. 

Strange brush shaped euphorbia 

Spiders web threads on allium seed head

More threads.

Some of the bushes were steaming in the sunshine as the water droplets evaporated.

I wasn't sure if these were buds or berries when I saw them before - they look more like berries at the moment.

 The Golden Rain Tree pods are changing colour. 

Water droplets on arching grasses. 

Water drops sitting on top of yellow daisy like flowers. 

 Water droplets like little pearls on these pink blooms.

Next stage - green pods on bright stems . . .

and the next stage - dark berries. This whole plant is so strange - I can't resist having a closer look each time I come here.

The little tree in the semicircular prairie beds has grown quite a lot this year and has creamy coloured pods at the top.

Since last week these callicarpa berries have darkened dramatically.

The heart shaped leaves are going through an amazing colour change now.

Some of the red spindle berries have opened and are letting down their orange seeds.

I was surprised to see one bright and very large cornus fruit. The rest had fallen off the tree several weeks ago.

Around the corner there are more spindle trees - these are a different variety which has more angular pods which deepen in colour and drop their spindles much later in the season.

There are still quite a lot of cosmos buds waiting to open. Today they were all covered with water. 

Water droplets on Michaelmas daisy. 

 Bedraggled wet flower with a bee. 

Cosmos - starry middle. 

The fallen beech branch with sunlight shining through the leaves. Gorgeous colours.

More water droplets. 

Quite a colour contrast of the deep rust colour on the fallen branch lying across all the green growth of the flower bed.

Fallen pine branch in the sun, draped with spiders web threads.

I looked back at where I had just walked and could see my meandering tracks in the wet grass. Most of that water was in my boots!

The other side of the hedge, under the beech tree, the ground is covered in empty shells which crunch underfoot.

Sunlight through leaves.

 The spiders have got a bit carried away! 

 Tiny water drops hang on every thread. 

Wild carrot seed heads - gorgeous colours in the sunlight.

A different wild carrot head - darker - with water droplets hanging. 

Teasels and spiders threads. 

The mystery plant in the wild flower bed, with sunlight shining through and spiders webs.

Look at the hooks on those seeds! 

Yew berries.

Tiny orange flowers.

Sunlight through red leaves on the roof of the long shelter.

 Huge red and orange rose hips. 

 Although they look very shiny some are quite hairy. 

Little cylindrical flowers. 

Hops changing colour. 

 Late roses in the sunshine. 

Bee clambering inside fuchsias. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Love all the berries, so many colours, each one so different. The mystery plant is gorgeous!

    1. I'm finding it all fascinating - I find myself wanting to know more about how things grow and why they grow like they do!