Arty journeys...


Monday, 24 October 2016

Sunday morning misty walk before church (Coombe Wood)

Misty morning walk - pockets of mist veil the background.

Most of the flower beds have been planted now. 

Looking at the colourful Vitis Coignetiae leaves again.

 Orange leaves on the rocks and in the pond. 

Looking up into the trees at the clambering Vitis. 

 Across the prairie bed towards the pampas grass. 

Pink flowers and dark berries. 

Prairie bed in the mist - deep red grasses at the front. 

Yellow flowers and zebra grass in front of the little hut. 

Seeds on the zebra grass. 

Spiders have been at work on one of the sprays of seeds as they are unfolding.

So many purple pearl-like callicarpa berries. 

Red and pink winged acer seeds. 

Just a few leaves left on the "burning bush" and a big pool of leaves underneath.

Gorgeous shades of green.

Leaves falling on the cyclamens. 

Autumn colours

Red fruits of the spindle berry which split open to reveal the orange disc like seeds.

The spiders have been busy on this spiky plant. 

Leaves changing colour in unusual patterns. 

The view the other side of the gate is obscured by the mist.

The other more angular spindle berries - still not ready to open.

Pebble, fallen leaves and empty beech nut shells.

The remains of some yellow azaleas. 

Beech nuts against a misty background. 

Red leaves and pale berries. 

Michaelmas Daisies covered with water droplets.

Tiny splashes of colour. 

More of these white fluffy flowers have come out since my last visit.

The florets unfold and burst out from a little covering which eventually drops off as the florets open more fully.

Grasses bowed down.

Some of the irises have opened fully. Tiny droplets of water hang on their huge but very delicate petals.

I got quite carried away looking at this iris and the water droplets from all angles. The textures are amazing.

Some more colour after all that white. 

Mist still hanging in the air. 

Looking at the strange brush shaped euphorbia. 

This is a more normal euphorbia. 

A last look back before heading home. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. what a gorgeous walk you had! love the white iris, and the vitus leaf is so striking.

    1. It was really strange how the water droplets sat on the iris. I'm going back again this morning -I wonder what I will find today.