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Monday, 17 October 2016

Monday morning Coombe Wood walk - more fabulous colours of autumn

The reflections on the pond were distorted by the thin broken film on the surface.

Freshly fallen leaves on the ground  

and temporarily perching on anything is in the way of their fall.

I turned back and caught sight of the orange tree which stands where the little stream joins the pond.

A climbing plant with large leaves shows up really well against the tree now its leaves have changed colour. We will see this one from the other side later on.

Very small low growing acer - a cascade of leaves

Strawberry tree flowers

Moss looks like a short green carpet till you look closely - then it looks more like a mini forest.

A single yellow flower stood out at the top of the rocks next to the steps.

The acer at the top of the steps, with tiny leaves and red winged seeds,

I think this is Russian vine (mile a minute plant) around the top of the Cafe Courtyard.

Coming round the corner, the grass was looking very neat.

I found the remains of a beautiful heart. I know who made this - I had seen it on her Mum's Facebook page. Sadly the middle is missing now but the rest has stayed in tact well.

At the top of the little tree in front of the hut - pods forming. 

Around that tree the tall stems rattle in the breeze.

Water droplets on downy leaves.

Gorgeous purple berries

More water droplets. 

Oak leaves.

Sweet chestnuts 

They make quite a thud as they drop to the ground. 

Even more pink winged seeds show now that more leaves have fallen from my favourite acer.

The much shorter dark leaved acer isn't losing any leaves yet but it is catching golden leaves from the taller acer above it.

 The "burning bush" has quite a pool of leaves around the base now.

Water droplets surround some of the leaves like strings of diamonds.

A lime green acer shines out from among the darker surrounding foliage.

and yet again I notice pink/red stems. 

Spindle berries. 

I got to the beech tree where I had noticed on the last visit that the stones and other debris had been removed and the wound cleaned out and I looked around to see if I could seen the stones anywhere. Here's the long white one.

and a better view of the cleaned out wounded tree.

 and this may be the other stone I saw up there before it was cleaned out.

 Beech nuts. 

Teasel - how different they look depending on their background.


Fungus on echinaceas - looks like frost! 

 Pampas grass and blue sky. 


Earlier on I mentioned that we would look at this climbing plant from the other side - it is clambering through to the other side of the big tree.

The gardener has removed the sweet peas

which makes it easier to see these delicate pale fuchsias. 

One of the other spindle berry trees. 

Looking closer at these angular berries which are blushing more pinkly (is there even such a word?)

 The colour of these fuchsias is amazing! 

and as for these - they are huge and plump with double (or more) layers in their skirts.

Not many roses remain. 

Figs to the right of the photo. Interesting coloured leaf peeping through on the right.

Huge rose hips


Little red berries peeping out among the hops. 

I can understand the animal footprints in the prepared flower bed but two sets of children's footprints are here as well.

 The orange tree that is near the beginning of this blog post, but from the other side.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. what delights! love that leaf heart on the grass, someone had fun doing that.

    1. Yes - you should have seen it when it was all there!