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Friday, 7 October 2016

Coombe Wood (Friday).

FRIDAY: Coombe Wood

A dull morning but not too cold. The cyclamens are still spilling out through the mesh fence beside the car park and more buds are curled at the base ready to open very soon.

Yew berries have fallen leaving red patches on the path.

The gardener has worked so hard preparing the flower beds for the next lot of plants.

He has also tidied and trimmed back the plants at the edge of the pond. I met him later on my walk and he told me that he'd had the waders on earlier this morning and had been in the pond clearing the pump.

Another flower bed waiting for new plants

The path leading up to the little steps was flooding with water. There was a blockage in the little tunnel under the path which the gardener was going to clear later on.


There are still a lovely lot of bright yellow flowers. 

I should know what this is but I don't - creamy white flowers.

Leaves changing colour.

The callicarpa berries are quite plump now. 

Red berries (there is a lot of red around the garden) 

 Bright colour - like a burning bush! 

The tree surgeon has been. Several dead trees have been cut down

and the fallen beech branch has been chopped up. The smaller stuff has been disposed of leaving the big slices of branch still on the ground under the tree.

I noticed a white cylindrical object up the tree (in the dark patch) which looked too symmetrical to be fungus. I asked the gardener if he knew what it was and he said "it looks like a stone so I was imagining how it got there - perhaps a child threw it up there one day - if only it could talk!" I think he is right.

Patterns on a wood slice. 

 Curly teasel - getting more dry, curly and bleached. 

Yew berries.

Red flowers - two shades of red? Thinking about colour - sometimes it's very hard to define colours. Exactly when does red become orange - and going the other way when does red stray into violet?

Now that the fallen branch has been cleared it's possible to see the extent of the damage to the hedge and the flower bed in front of it. It has affected quite a big area

but a few paces along and the damage isn't quite so obvious.

The spindle berries have darkened significantly since my last visit.

More cleared beds.

Some beds have been manured.

It will be really interesting to see what gets planted in these beds. Although there are similarities each year there are also differences.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Love all the berries. Your gardener has cleared so many beds!

    1. Yes - and he's done it in double quick time too because of other jobs that needed doing. He works extremely hard - I don't know how he does it all!