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Friday, 4 November 2016

Autumn colours continued (Thursday morning at Coombe Wood)

There was a light frost on Thursday morning but it had gone by the time I got to Coombe Wood.

When I arrived the gardener was in the pond, skimming off the fallen willow leaves - must have been quite chilly in there.

The wonderful splashes of colour are thinning now but they're still pretty spectacular.

From the middle of the prairie bed.

Behind the little hut a small red acer's vivid red stands out. 

Fallen leaves spreading everywhere. 

The tops of the banana trees have been cut off and the stems wrapped to protect them through the cold weather.

Masses of callicarpa berries 

Clusters of tiny purple pearls. 

I'm constantly amazed by how many colours are in some of the turning leaves. 

I love to see the light shining through things. Looking up at the leaves with sunlight pouring through them is like looking at a beautiful mosaic of stained glass.

Puff ball mushrooms. 

More leafy extravaganzas of colour.

Soft autumn light on tiny orange flowers. 

The last few red leaves on the corrugated roof of the long hut.

So many big rose hips this year. 

Looking closer at the hips and the delicately coloured leaves.

I was disappointed to have to cut my walk short but I've been having trouble with my foot for the past few days and it was getting worse as I walked - so I thought I should head for home. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 

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  1. More gorgeous colours! Don't you just love shiny conkers!!