Arty journeys...


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A very short walk

Because of a problem with my foot (requiring "rest, ice and elevation") I haven't been able to go for my normal, walks - very frustrating.

After several grey and drizzly days (very unkindly blocking any views of the supermoon) this morning was sunny and surprisingly warm and I had a very gentle walk down the garden . . .

Fallen leaves

Bright berries in the sunlight

A few colourful leaves.

Wispy sky

Dark sedum remains

 Silky clematis seed heads

Silver birch tree and patches of blue sky.

These cones disintegrate and shed their seeds without the whole cones falling from the tree.

Variety of greens 

Mushrooms in an old tree trunk. 

 Spider activity.

Miniature mossy landscape next to mushroom stems. 

Hyperactive spider activity here.

Sparkling water drops hanging on old bit of hose pipe.

Sunlight through fading blackberry leaves. 

Hazel leaves - I think. 

Beech leaves turning golden.

Silver birch draped with dangling seeds. 

More leaves on the ground.

Last few red leaves on the Russian vine. 
Autumn colours and textures like a tapestry. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Your garden has produced some lovely photographic results Angela, and I do hope your foot heals soon, nothing worse than not being able to get around!

  2. well, it may be a small walk down the garden, but what wonderful pictures. love the mushrooms!