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Monday, 7 November 2016

Trees emptying their colour (Coombe Wood)

As my foot was feeling a bit better this morning I decided to try a short walk.

I stepped out of the car onto a thick carpet of crunchy leaves.

One side of the pond was incredibly clear - perhaps the gardener had been skimming the leaves off the surface again or else the breeze has blown them all to the other side of the pond.

The water was so clear that through the willow reflections you could see the leaves that had sunk to the bottom of the pond.

The other side of the pond is covered with leaves. 

Leaves and reflections on the pond. 

 Colour is slipping off the trees and onto the ground. 

Wonderful colours still remain.

A few bright nasturtiums twine around the railings above the cafe courtyard. The lower three petals have wonderful shaggy spikes.

Blustery breezes rustled through the tall grasses

These white ones look as if they have been crimped. 

The Golden Rain tree has lost most of its leaves now

which makes it easier to see the pods.

Most of the pods have begun to split open but not enough to see the berries inside.

 Looking closer at some fluffy grasses. 

Seeds (these were the pink thready flowers)

More grasses - against blue sky and fast moving clouds.

Pink grass seeds

I think these are the seeds of the Michaelmas Daisies. 

Pistachio shells were all over the ground inside and outside the little hut. They reminded me of sea shells.

Small red acer spilling it's colour onto the flower bed underneath.

Assorted fallen leaves including one huge one. 

Zebra grass leaves and plumes of seeds. 

Another red acer and a trail of orange leaves caught in the dip around the edge of the flower bed.

Colourful corner. 

Bare branches on some of the trees. 

There are so many seeds on this colourful acer.  

I was so busy noticing the seeds on my favourite big acer that I almost forgot to look closer at the smaller deep red one underneath. Most of the seeds on this acer have stayed very red.

By this stage of the walk I knew I had walked too far because my foot suddenly became very painful again. Unfortunately it was the same distance back to the car and my progress back was very slow.

I stopped to photograph some large fallen leaves (exactly as they had fallen - I didn't rearrange them)

and another tree emptying its colour onto the ground.

I stopped again to admire the leaf patterns on the grass. 

Another red acer caught my eye with its scattering of red underneath mingling with other coloured leaves.

 I didn't even see the seeds till looking at the photos at home later on.

 Clusters of winged seeds near the yew arch. 

Back to the pond.

Gorgeous red reflection. 

Thank you very much for joining me, 


  1. beautiful photos again, I love how the grasses seem to get fluffier and fluffier the further into the season we go! Love the light shining through all those leaves.

    1. Yes - grasses definitely get more and more interesting as the season progresses - and I can't resist light shining through leaves.