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Friday, 29 May 2015

Walking in Coombe Wood - sunshine and rain.

I took a big umbrella but left it in the car. I was very glad that I had a little one in my bag - I certainly needed it towards the end of my walk.

The gardener has started digging out the tulips ready for the Summer planting.

The gardener was in the pond tidying around the edge. 

 These white flowers are only about the size of my little finger nail.
 Hairy moss with spiders web

Some of the alliums are only just coming out.

 The wild flower beds are coming along nicely - most of these will be poppies.

White allium  or perhaps I should say white allium with ants - I didn't see the ants till I looked at the photo on the computer screen.  

I thought I understood what was happening with this tree, I thought these were baby cones - turns out they're probably flowers and not baby cones at all.
This morning I suddenly noticed a young cone further up the tree. How did that happen? I've been watching carefully each time I've been there, hoping to see how they form and it's done it almost in front of my nose . . . and I missed it. 

I wonder why I can look really closely at bees, without any trouble at all, as long as I'm taking photos but if a bee comes near me when I don't have the camera in my hand I panic and run!

By this time the temperature dropped and the sky became overcast. The birds began to sing their "It's going to rain" song. (I'm sure they change their song before it rains.)

 I carried on walking and taking photos. 

Small almost square white flowers. 
 I think the pink, white and cream look gorgeous together.

Red heart shaped droplets of flowers dangling like Christmas decorations. 
 Yellow Iris
 Purple and yellow iris

I couldn't resist another photo of the alliums against the pink tulips. The tulips are almost finished now and will soon be gone.

A carpet of white flowers almost covers all the leaves on this plant.

More alliums.

 Close up with raindrops on them. 

The end of the tulips

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. hope you didn't get too wet, but the photos were well worth it! love the alliums.

    1. Thank you Helen. No I didn't get too wet - I was home before the torrential rain and hail thankfully.