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Friday, 8 May 2015

Two walks in Coombe Wood


Yesterday I enjoyed a walk in Coombe Wood with a friend. It's lovely to be able to use my repaired camera again - although unfortunately another problem has arisen which wasn't there before it was repaired. The batteries seem to continue to discharge themselves even when the camera is switched off - leaving me with a flat battery long before I'd expected it - in less than a day instead of a week or so. Very irritating - I will have to contact Canon again.

Delicious colours

Tracks made by heavy rain the day before.

Wild flowers beginning to grow in the extended wild flower bed.

Little leaf like a concertina
Tiny white flowers
The Korean pine continues to surprise me. These looked like baby Korean pine cones but they have opened up now and I think they may be the flowers before the cones form.

Some of the scented yellow azaleas are beginning to drop - each flower slips off and dangles from the thread like stigma.

Strange hanging pod like flowers


This morning I hadn't actually intended to go to Coombe Wood. I planned to combine a walk with the search for something suitable to photograph for the Facebook 30 Day Photography Challenge that I'm taking part in. Today's topic is Branches but I was looking for something different - tree branches seemed a bit obvious. I wanted to photograph branches in the train or tram track - but after driving around and walking quite a distance I failed to find anywhere where I could get the sort of view I wanted, so I went back to the idea of photographing branches and headed for Coombe Wood again 0 there are plenty of branches there to choose from. In the end I decided on one of many photos I took of the Judas tree branches, covered in amazing blossom.

Of course I just had to take other photos while I was there.

Thank you very much for joining me.


  1. The beds of pink and white are just beautiful - and a similar colour scheme to some at Kew; but I love the much less structured look at Coombe Wood. Hope you sort your battery issue out after finally getting your camera back!

    1. Thank you very much Helen. I hope I get it sorted out too - very frustrating!

  2. I'm so pleased you had to go back for the 'branches' theme Angela, because there are some stunning photos in your second half.....(and in your first half too of course!).