Arty journeys...


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Coombe Wood walk in sunshine

I was very pleased to have had my walk before the heavy rain, thunder and hail came along.

Sunlight through the copper beech leaves made the little hairs around the edge look as if they were glowing.

Blue sky and fluffy clouds
Many petals have been knocked off the tulips by the wind and the rain but the flower beds still look fabulous.

 The prairie bed is filling out

I noticed a tree that looked as if it was covered in snow. These tiny white bell shaped flowers are the smallest I've seen so far - they're really tiny.

I thought these cream pink and green stripey bell shaped flowers were small before I'd seen the white ones today.

 Looking up into the canopy of stripey bells. 

The yellow azaleas are still producing a gorgeous fragrance. 
Sunlit rhododendrons

My grown up children tease me for the amount of times I say "Look at the way the light shines through this" but I have to say it - Look at the way the light shines through these delicate acer leaves!

A cat was sunning itself in the flower bed with its eyes closed and didn't notice me taking a photo. 


I love the purple against the pink tulips in the background. 

Cheerful little orange flower

Mending the potholes in the pathway. 

A very waterlogged bullrush - I wonder what they look like now after the torrential rain and hail.

Sunlit copper beech leaves against a clear blue sky, which turned an ominous grey very soon after I arrived home.

On my way back to my car I caught sight of a pale blue butterfly landing on a leaf next to a rhododendron bud.

Later on - after thunder and lightening, torrential downpours and hail . . . 

a rainbow

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Well done for staying dry - it didn't half come down at times!! The photos are as always, stunning. there's nothing wrong with taking lots of photos of light shining through things - tell them from me!!

    1. Thank you Helen - I will pass on your message with great pleasure!

  2. Lovely photos Angela, and the way the flowers in Coombe Wood have been affected by the weather made me think about my peonies! Every year they seem to get a bashing from heavy rain, so whilst they are still in bud, I may pick them!

    1. Thank you very much Cath. I was given peonies in a lovely bunch of flowers for my birthday - first time I've ever had peonies in a bunch of flowers - I'd never thought of cutting them before.