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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Ashburton Park

For a change I had a walk in Ashburton Park today.

A little while ago I had noticed that the old Library building had been boarded up and when I passed the park in the car the other day I noticed that the little kiosk had been boarded up as well. I really like the bright purply pink against the new green spring growth.
The boards around the old library building have had to follow quite an irregular route - interesting how the railings have been accommodated.

Viewing from a different angle

From the side of the old Library looking towards the other splash of pink around the ramshackle kiosk.

The Kiosk with vandalised roof

 From the Kiosk towards the old Library.

A closer look at the old Library building above the height of the boards. I've never noticed these before . . .

There are several windows in the boards around the old Library. 

Looking through a pink window.

The boards make a bright backdrop for the children's playground. 
Since my walk I've been trying to find out what the plans for the buildings are.
If you're interested there's a Friends of Ashburton Park website  which has information about the history of the park as well as a Friends of Ashburton Park Facebook page

I haven't managed to navigate the website very successfully yet. To view plans etc. you need to log in but I haven't found a way to log in as a guest or to join. I must look into it further.

All around the park the Horse Chestnut trees are in flower. 

They're really worth a much closer look. The individual frilly little flowers on each cone shaped flower spike look as if they've been softly tinted with lemon and raspberry watercolours.   

Thank you very much for joining me again. 


  1. I love that bright magenta pink/purple colour round the library. The horse chestnut flowers are stunning.

    1. Thank you for your comment Helen. That colour really stands out against the green and is much more exciting than normal grey or bottle green boards. It's only in the last couple of years that I've noticed how amazing horse chestnut flowers are close up - before that I've just seen them from a distance without any idea of how stunning they are.

  2. What an interesting building the library is, I wonder if they will keep some of the outside, and just revamp inside? The kiosk looked a bit Japanese in style too, or at least the shape of the roof gives that impression. It will be interesting to see how things develop.

    1. I think the plan is to save the outside and renovate inside. I hope they save the kiosk too. Yes it does have a bit of a Japanese look. I'm very interested to see how things develop.