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Monday, 4 May 2015

Coombe Wood on Bank Holiday Monday

Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to go on a Bank Holiday Monday . . . or maybe I should have made my visit much earlier. I know how hard the gardener works and I found it quite difficult to see people treating the gardens carelessly. A couple of children were kicking plants and stamping on them without any attempt being made to discourage them and several other children were playing hide and seek in the wide flower beds next to the lawn in front of the sundial - no attempt to stop them trampling through the flower beds.  bit later I heard a man say to a young boy "If you push her again I'll kill you." Nice!

Off-putting aspects of the walk aside - the tulips are looking fabulous.

Purple tree

 The aliums are on their way

A carpet of pink petals as the blossom falls 

Orange azaleas - I haven't noticed these before.
Tiny white flowers
More of the scented yellow azaleas are opening now. 

Red acer leaves with subtle little red flowers 

Pink rhododendrons

 Looking closer at the anthers

Last time I posted pictures of the hellebore pods I said I had only seen them with even numbers of pods - this time I saw a lot of them with five pods.  

I have no idea what this is but there's loads of it several tiers of delicate creamy white flowers which form little clusters of pale green berries.

Fluffy little white flowers.

Here come the lily of the valley

Back for another look at the May-tree - from underneath it this time.

These little flowers weren't much bigger than buttercups.

Back to admire the tulips before going home. 

 A closer look at the miniature euphorbia on the way out.

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. I find it staggering that parents don't stop their children trampling through flowerbeds, but I guess we both just have old fashioned values of what is right or wrong..!! Gorgeous photos - and well done for avoiding any people in them; it can be hard sometimes which is why I always liked getting to Kew at 9.30 for opening - so annoyed they've moved that to 10 now - there was a great crowd there on Saturday!!

  2. Thank you Helen. Yes it is annoying for you that the Kew opening time has been moved! At least Coombe Wood is open from 8.30 officially - and before that if the gate is left open - I'm not absolutely sure they shut it. MI must do a really early trip one day on the off-chance it's been left open!

  3. Beautiful photos again Angela, I keep thinking that there must be so many folks who can't get out very often who would just love looking at your blog, I must try and introduce it to a few friends, who can hopefully do the same. I always feel as though I've been there myself after one of your posts, and to take us through the seasons as you do is just great.

    1. Thank you Cath. I like the idea that my blog could be like virtual trips for people who can't get out very often!