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Saturday, 16 May 2015

One week - four walks

I have enjoyed four trips to Coombe Wood this week.

The Coach House Cafe was closed this week for renovations. I wondered if it would be ready to reopen today as planned.

1st trip. Monday 11th

Happy bee
Wild flowers
Dainty pinky lilac flowers
Although these magnolia flowers are quite large they made me think of a flock of butterflies settling on the branches.

Sunlight shining through slim leaved acer
Bee on an allium

2nd trip. Tuesday 12th with two friends from the art group I belong to.

Two varieties of red tulips
Close up of dandelion seeds
Looking down into the Coach House Cafe courtyard where piles of furniture and other contents from the cafe were stored during the decorating, much of it protected under a large gazebo.

Looking closer inside the tulips . . . 

. . . and a poppy (I think)

3rd trip. Friday 15th after a day of very heavy rain on Thursday. The bullrushes usually look like fluffy candyfloss but on Friday they were extremely waterlogged.

Repair work began this week on the potholes.


Raindrops on pink lilac (I think that's what it is)
I love the way the raindrops sit on these leaves 

Busy beetle

Cones marking potholes to be repaired.

No access to the hut at the moment
Pale lemon rhododendrons.
More water drops on leaves. I like the purple backs of these purple tinged dark green shiny leaves.

A blaze of orange
Delicate pink and green stripey bells
Acer with tiny flowers
Inside a rhododendron
Little peachy coloured azaleas
Being watched
Tree peony unfolding
More raindrops
Seeds developing in the euphorbia

I think this is Bellis Perennis Pomponette

4th trip. Saturday 16th. This morning I just popped along to see if they had managed to finish the Coach House Cafe renovations. I wasn't going to have much or a walk and had no intention of taking photos but the magic of the garden enticed me in - and I had a gentle walk . . . for an hour and a half and took quite a lot of photos.

The courtyard was almost back to normal

and the door of the Coach House Cafe was open. 

Some very tall alliums are beginning to open
Tight ball of tiny pink tinged flowers.
Orange flower with bright yellow stamens
Close look at bleeding hearts
Clouds of tiny white fluffy flowers
Up in the woods - the scent from the yellow azaleas fills the air. 

Some of the flowers have slid down the stigmas without falling off and they swing as the breeze wafts the scent around.

A profusion of different coloured azaleas and rhododendrons
Looking much closer again

Emerging from tiny pink buds - a froth of pale pink blossom 
Pink and cream rhododendrons (?)
Looking closer at pink forget-me-nots
Well that was a lot of photos - if you've lasted to the end very well done indeed and thank you so much for joining me.


  1. What a great week of walks - some absolutely fantastic photos again Angela!!

    1. Thank you Helen. It was quite a challenge getting it down to this number of photos - I'd taken hundreds!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the colour of that tree peony, and the black cat was enjoying you snapping him too!

    1. Thank you Cath. The cat followed me around and got into quite a lot of my photos that day!