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Monday, 13 February 2017

Sunny but chilly, breeezy walk (Coombe Wood)

The gardener was clearing leaves from the paths with the leaf blower.

Blue sky reflected in the pond. 

I watched as a fish swam through the reflection of the willow tree, noticing how clear the strong orange was on the areas where the reflections were dark from the tree

and how parts of the fish seemed to vanish in the lighter sky reflection areas . . .

. . . creating broken images

and abstract patterns. 

Pale green shoots emerging.

Miniature daffodils.

Bare branches and blue sky. 

Tiny flowers.


 Path clearing continues. 

Tiny pink buds behind a bench under the big magnolia tree.

Showers of mahonia flowers

It's lovely to get really close to take photos and enjoy the delicious scent.

Magnolia buds and beautiful blue sky. 

 Richly coloured leaves. 

Behind the hut there's a tree with chains of buds on it - like sparse catkins. A few have opened into these delicate little creamy bells.

The ground in the wood, under all the trees, is covered with soggy decaying leaves but what a change a shaft of sunlight makes as it transforms the dull brown and illuminates a leaf here and there, like little pieces of stained glass. 

Camelia flower.

 Witch hazel still looking good - and lovely to get close and enjoy the delicate scent.

I touched one of the Earthstar mushrooms - they feel like an empty rubbery skin which yields slightly but pops back into shape - if you don't press too hard.

The middle one has been bent too far (not by me). 

I was photographing what looked like an expanse of dried leaves when I discovered that there were clumps daffodil shoots popping up all over the place.

Hellebore with pink freckles. They are a bit nibbled and some are a little discoloured - possibly by frost damage, but still amazing.

Centre not so open in this one. 

I like the way all the bits in the centre develop - so neat to start with but getting more and more unruly.

Residue of mist with sun rays. 

Beech nuts in the sunshine. 

Snowdrops on the bank in front of the little hut. 

Empty twisted papery seed pods. 

This tree is next to the yew arch. The seeds seem to change colour completely depending on the light - going from silvery through to bronze.

They were blowing in the breeze today - like little rattling wind chimes.

This plant looked deep red yesterday but today it was shining in the sun as if it had been polished.

New shoots in the herbaceous border. 

Back to the pond where the fish were basking in the sunshine.

Purple pansies in the sun - a bit ragged after all the snow and frost they've had to cope with but what a colour!

Tatty looking bulrushes - so many shades of brown, beige, green etc. probably from the year before last.

The ones from last year are less exploded and much fluffier.

Two old ones which have matted together forming a heart shape. .

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. I love today's photos of the pond with the fish, but my absolute favourites today are in the wood, particularly the shaft of light illuminating the mist. Thanks for sharing.