Arty journeys...


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Mostly before the rain (Coombe Wood)

A dull and breezy morning. The gunnera has died back to the crown with a few old stems dangling. A crispy dried out leaf lies next to it.

Tiny oval berries hanging like bright little beads. 

Here come the daffodils. 

Such a tiny flower, covered in water drops. I didn't even notice the bud to the right, till I saw it on the photo later.

More tiny flowers - these are on a low shrub almost invisible from above as they hide under the leaves.

What a lovely scent coming from the mahonias. 

I stood for a while to watched this tree, which still hasn't lost all its leaves. as it swayed in the breeze.

The bank in front of the little hut is flecked with snowdrops just opening 

and tightly closed daffodil buds. 

Korean Pine cones. The one on the right has lost a section.

Strings of tiny buds.

Lost toy reclining in the leaves. 

A clump lichen in a bed of pine needles.

 A closer look at another little clump of lichen

For some obscure reason I thought it would be a good idea to go up the hill. I was surprised to find it reasonably easy getting up there but coming down was another matter. A very light drizzle had started and everything was becoming more slippery. I decided to tackle the steps but they're far too deep for me so I came very carefully down the slope next to the steps - aiming for the nearest tree. The first one was full of holes.

It looked such a long way down. 

The next tree - and still a long way to go. 

Getting there slowly. 

Looking back at how far I'd already come 

and how far there is still to go. 

It was quite a relief to get to the bottom safely.

Some branches cut from a tree. There's always evidence of the gardener at work.

Tiny buds. 


Seed pods. 

By now it was raining quite hard and I made my way back to the gate pausing briefly to photograph the dripping fungus

and some shiny red tinged leaves. 

But then I got distracted and quite wet while watching the raindrop ripples spreading and intermingling on the pond.

 A breeze rippled the surface of the pond in a narrow river pattern.

Fish swimming beneath raindrop circles. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. glad to hear you made it down the slope again....!! the hellebores are beautiful, quite translucent in the light the way you've captured them. I can never get low enough at Kew to do that! it really is great to see so many buds and bulbs bursting into life.

    1. Thank you Helen. Camera goes low - not me though! Might not be able to get up again!

  2. It does my soul good to see the signs of spring appearing, snowdrops and daffodils on their way, such a welcome sight.