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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Monday afternoon walk (Coombe Wood) Snowdrop overload?

I was meeting a friend but I arrived early for a gentle walk first.

At the moment the gunnera by the pond is just a mound with some dead stalks sticking out.

The pond was dappled with bubbles, which distorted the reflections. 

Daffodil buds near the pond. 

Water droplets on euphorbia.  

The little meandering stream is very clear at the moment.

 A drift of tightly closed crocuses - all leaning at the same angle.

Some crocuses, some primroses and a miniature daffodil pushing up through the dead leaves.

Tightly closed buds with water drops. 


Seed pods. 

Tiny delicately scented flowers. 

There's a delicious strong scent coming from these. 

Most of the plants in this area have been cut down now, ready for the new growth to emerge.

This big strutting bird looked as if it was frowning.


One of the cats was keeping me company for much of my walk. It wandered off behind the snowdrops while I was taking photos (it probably got bored - I was taking a lot of photos).

These snowdrops are a lot bigger than most of the others.

Warning: there are quite a lot of snowdrop photos coming up - some single, some double, some with long slim outer petals, some with short wide outer petals . . .

Fabulous stripes inside these snowdrops. 

A couple of dwarf irises before some more photos of snowdrops.

A pink camelia.

 These berries have darkened significantly since my last visit,

A couple of hellebore photos

 These remind me of little dancers. 

Snowdrops on the bank in front of the little hut.

The gardener has transplanted a row of snowdrops into the grass each side of the path near the yew arch. (I think it was last year).

Near the concrete bench there are a few crocuses peeping through the grass.

As I was heading to the gate to meet my friend I saw the gardener and we had a chat about snowdrops. He told me he had visited somewhere that had some very rare ones - one bulb cost £40.

While waiting from my friend I noticed that most of the colour had drained out of the reflections on the pond, and the distortions caused by the bubbles made an interesting abstract effect.

My friend arrived and we went into the cafe and enjoyed a cup of fruit tea and a piece of cake each, 

We both noticed the beautiful lamp in the corner creating amazing shadows. 

We had a walk and then sat on the concrete bench for a while. One of the cat's came and made itself comfortable on my lap while we chatted. The light was fading - time to head off home. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. The snowdrops are gorgeous, lots of variation there! I love the pattern the lamp made on the cafe wall, really interesting. What a great visit.

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment Helen.