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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Beautiful morning walk (Coombe Wood)

What a lovely morning - much warmer than it has been.

Fish and willow reflections.

Grasses wafting in the gentle breeze. 

Tiny buds but there are much bigger clusters of them showing now.

Drifts of daffodils - buds showing yellow. 

These grasses look as if they've been crimped. 

The tiny snowdrops on the bank in front of the little hut look like confetti from a distance.

Little lemon and baby-blue dwarf irises pushing their way up through the mulched soil.

 Covered in water droplets.

A long row of tall shrubs (short trees?) covered in showers of tiny buds

Further along there are similar buds with pink stems.

Camelia buds beginning to show their colour. 

More snowdrops have popped out since my last visit (3 days ago). There are many varieties of snowdrop. These seem taller and more robust than the ones among the grass in front of the little hut.

I could hear the buzz of a machine in the distance - perhaps a leaf blower or strimmer and later I came across evidence of the gardener's activity.  It wasn't till later that I found out what he was doing.

More snowdrops 

I think these are double snowdrops. There are many green tinted petals under the white outer petals - like layers of net petticoats under pure white skirts.

While photographing a patch of snowdrops I noticed neat little mushrooms - just in ones and twos at first then quite a spread of them.

Mini mushroom forest?

Bright yellow gorse flowers - but mind the thorns.

Shy hellebore heads hanging even lower than usual under the weight of water droplets.

Looking underneath at a neat hellebore centre. 

Pink camelia. 

Daffodils popping up - and teasels falling down. 

Another little mushroom patch. 

I met a friend and enjoyed catching up with her over a cuppa and a piece of cake, followed by a walk together. We came across the gardener who was adjusting the strimmer.

Another hellebore middle - further developed. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Beautiful Hellebores and Camellias giving some welcome colour in February, so I must make a note to put some in my new garden, oh, and some snowdrops too of course.

    1. Yes - lovely things to have in your new garden.

  2. Loving all the snowdrops, and the iris is beautiful!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So nice to see all the new growth springing up!