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Monday, 6 February 2017

Mist and frost at Coombe Wood

There was a light mist and a dusting of frost this morning.


New shoots pushing their way upwards 

The remains of the callicarpa berries 

I found a patch of snowdrops that were a lot further developed than the ones I saw the other day.

Rays of sun broke through the mist. 

Witch hazel

The pale star like outer layers of the Earthstar mushrooms have curled back and are becoming quite slimy now.

 A bit of blue sky between bare branches. 

Tiny curly leafy shoots. 

 More misty sun rays. 

 Tiny pink flowers

Pine needles glittering in the sun.

Wild carrot seed heads. 

The big mystery plant in the wildflower bed is leaning precariously.

A leaf print on the path. 

 Looking back at the mystery plant

and the little hut behind it. 

Deep red leaves with water drops sparkling like glitter 

Tiny frosty leaves that look as if they have been pleated.

Not sure what this is - I liked the pattern.

Looking at the big beech tree from the lawn between the herbaceous borders. Green mossy branches. The wound left by the broken branch (on the right) looks quite drastic.

In a few months these almost empty borders will be overflowing with life.

In the distance I could hear the sound of horses hooves and two riders talking to each other as they went along the lane - a sound that makes me feel as if I'm out in the countryside.

Not much is showing yet above the surface in the borders but these irises are sprouting again.

One of the cats had found a good place to sunbathe.


 This one is very odd. 

 Looking closer.

This is what they're supposed to look like. 

A pair of ducks preening in a patch of sunlight.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. it was a lovely morning for a walk, not so now, in the drizzle. I love the wild carrot especially.

    1. Thank you Helen. Weather forecast not looking good - getting colder again. Shame!