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Friday, 10 February 2017

Mist drizzle, sleet and a dilemma (A Coombe Wood walk)

A cold, grey, and slightly misty morning. The was air moist with fine drizzle and tiny white flecks and I was very glad of my big umbrella.

Did you know that it's National Umbrella day today? I didn't even know there was such a thing!

The daffodils by the gate are growing fast - tightly closed buds getting ready to burst open.

Misty drizzle.

Water droplets on an old and crumpled ladies mantle plant.

 Magnolia buds.

 This tree is still slowly losing its leaves. 

The white flecks on the bank in front of the little hut are snowdrops. 

The callicarpa has shed many of its berries now leaving what look like little clusters of jewellery settings that have lost their precious gems.

Drenched snowdrops. 

 Tiny buds and seed pods - pine needles dangling. 

Red berries darkening and wrinkly. 

 I caught sight of a squirrel leaping from one tree to another - it paused to look at me.

Dripping witch hazel.  

These snowdrops have come up very fast. There were hardly any showing a week ago.

I was engrossed in taking photos of the mystery plant in the wildflower area - getting really close to look at the barbed hooks. The drizzle got heavier - I was juggling umbrella and camera - while wearing gloves. I didn't notice quite how close I got to the barbed seeds till I got back to the car . . .

. . . I was about to open the car door when I noticed a rather ridiculous dilemma. I couldn't believe the decoration I'd picked up on the back of my glove! (Quite attractive don't you think?) What a good thing I hadn't rubbed my face or pushed my hair back with my glove.

I was able to put my umbrella down and open the car door OK but then I tried to take my right glove off without touching the barbs on my left glove. It didn't work because my camera slipped and swung on its wrist strap and connected with the barbs. As I tried to stop it, both the strap and my other glove became attached to the velcro-like barbs. I managed to slip out of my gloves to drive home and left the tangled mess to sort out later. Then came the great untangling. Hopefully I'll remember not to get so close next time.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. oh my goodness what a tangled mess!! hope you've rescued the gloves. I never bother taking an umbrella when I go to Kew, just wear a coat with a hood, just don't have enough hands do we!! Great photos, especially the gorgeous snowdrops.

    1. Yes - gloves rescued thank you. Large umbrella, over my shoulder, end of handle tucked into my bag, zip closed around it holds it in place - hands free, no wet camera.

  2. At least the gloves protected your hands Angela, those barbs could have been quite painful I should imagine. However, well worth the trouble, (and the tangled gloves), your photos are, as usual, lovely.

    1. Thank you Cath. The barbs got me through the gloves while I was trying to ease my gloves off and as I was disentangling them from the gloves and camera strap - but not too much damage!

  3. Lovely photos, the callicarpa still looks lovely without all its jewels.

    1. Thank you, Yes - doesn't it look lovely!