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Sunday, 31 January 2016

"OPEN" Exhibition

A little while ago a friend asked if she could see some of my artwork. We arranged for her to come round on Thursday 21st January. I won't go into detail here about the various things that influenced me but completely out of character, while considering what to get out to show my friend four days before her visit, the idea came into my head that perhaps I could get a lot out, display it properly and invite other friends to come and see it too. I had sent invitations to friends via Facebook and a few by email for an exhibition on Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th and Monday 25th from 2-6 before I had even got anything out.

Throughout the next few days, surprisingly calmly, I cleared away family photos, ornaments and clutter and put out my artwork. My friend who came on Thursday was incredibly encouraging. She told me to write a price list - something I hadn't intended to do because I wasn't really expecting to sell anything - I was only doing it so other people could see my artwork while it was out. I could see the sense in what she said so I spent the next day and a half working on a list of tover a hundred pieces of  artwork and the prices of any items that were for sale.

On Saturday at 2pm I was ready and wondering if anyone would come but I didn't have to wait long before a friend arrived with a lovely bunch of daffodils, followed very soon by more friends. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and I was thrilled that so many friends had came along as well as surprised and delighted that I sold three mounted photos, a framed photo, a textile piece and some postcards during the afternoon.

There was a table by the door with welcome leaflets, the information sheet about items on show, materials and prices etc. and some little cards with my blog address.

Artwork included wood, metalwork. paintings, photos, 3D work, etchings, screen prints, handmade books and boxes, ceramics, textiles. mixed media and drawings.

"Window" made of wood, metal, string, fabric, textile, acrylic etc. and a photo


Plaster plaque 

Postcards of some of my artwork

"365" pen and ink (with "inktense" and watercolour pencils) mini drawings of various objects - one drawing a day throughout 2015

"52" pen and ink (with "inktense" and watercolour pencils) mini drawings of objects picked up once a week on walks in Coombe Wood - one drawing a week throughout 2015

Work in progress - a series of pebble drawings started in January 2016

Mixed media

Painting (acrylic) and photographs 

Framed banner poster and folder of banners I've been involved in making over the years.

Some of my photos that I had made into a calendar last year (by Vistaprint)

Photograph - derelict building

Print-stand of mounted photos

Screen print with dye and salt (framed) and handmade books

Left - on the top shelf more books and two 3D pieces and on the lower shelf a concertina book of drawings (collaboration with my granddaughter). Centre - two boxed pieces with printed keys and tags and a plaster hand. Right - the books that are shown in the photo above -  and a sequence of photos in a frame

A framed pair of layered photos with drawings around them and a better view inside the concertina book on the lower shelf

Having taken part in two photo challenges on Facebook as well as a Sketchpack Challenge, I had the results made into books by Snapfish (when there were half price offers)

Collaged, printed and painted pieces

Framed frost photo

Pen, ink and watercolour drawings on the top shelf with a little concertina book in between them. On the bottom shelf a 3D piece, a burnt and stitched concertina book and a handmade multi-section book

Slightly different view showing the screen print on the end wall

Work in progress. Four rust printing experiments on paper and a box of rust printing on fabric and three enlarged photos laminated onto organza and stitched

Books rebound in leather with handmade boxes, various other handmade books, some handmade felt pieces with stitching, two sets of ceramic "pebbles" and three plaster plaques

 Stitched and burnt photograph on the wall. 

View from the other end of the table - 3D mixed media piece on the right and various Japanese bindings at the front.


 Oil painting 

Layered photograph (statue, clock and spiral staircase)

More handmade books - some blank and some with my own text and pictures in

Framed textiles and photos, handmade books and a boxed piece

Framed textiles, pen ink and watercolour pebble drawing, photographs and 3D mirrored box with breakwater post

Sunday afternoon was quieter but it was lovely to have more time to chat with friends. Monday was very busy and I was surprised and very pleased to sell some framed pictures, books and postcards.

Several friends couldn't manage Saturday, Sunday or Monday afternoon so I booked special appointments for them and there was a steady trickle of visitors on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well.

I began to take the exhibition down later on Thursday afternoon, only managing a little at a time over the next few days because everything had caught up with me. I've been struggling with the after effects of having done too much - but some things are really worth it and this was one of them.

The house is slowly returning to normal. I'm so grateful to everyone who came along, for all the encouraging comments and supportive messages - and the added bonus of people buying my artwork. I'm really glad I did it.

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. I am even sorrier now that I couldn't make it - everything looks amazing and I so pleased you sold some too.. hope you recover from the exertions soon and if you do it again one day I'll try harder to get there!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Helen. I don't want to think about doing it again at the moment - I need to get over this one first! It was an absolutely brilliant experience but I am paying for it physically at the moment.

  2. I think you've been amazingly brave too Angela, it's not an easy thing to do, so congratulations on your 100% brilliant success. I also hope to see it, (what's left of it!) next time around.

    1. Thank you very much indeed Cath. Loads left - I wouldn't want to part with quite a lot of it - things like the bookbinding and 3D work etc. that I did at college - they can't be repeated because I no longer have access to the necessary equipment. There's still plenty to show you some time.