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Friday, 8 January 2016

Where did the blue sky go? (A Coombe Wood walk)

Although it was quite chilly there was a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine when I left home.

Buds - every one of them standing upright. 

The reflection of blue sky disappeared as I arrived and I was surprised to feel fine rain against my face as I passed the pond. 

Pink hellebore. 

Red berries still deflating - some looking very baggy now.

What is happening here? A shallow trench has been dug and there's a plank on the freshly dug soil the other side of the little stream.

These little flowers are tiny - they look completely white from a distance but their anthers are a stunning magenta and are on long stamens - which make them look fluffy.

If I hadn't been leaning in for a close up I would have missed the delicate scent of these.

Now that so much of the surrounding foliage has died back there are more dark areas which are brightened by berries that were previously hidden.

Where layers of leaves previously covered the ground their delicate skeletons now lie on the bare earth like lace, hardly visible.

Daffodils emerging.


Tiny delicate flowers.


Leaf patterns.

Recent strong winds and rain have brought down big clusters of berries.

The rain stopped and the sun came out again. 

The colourful witch hazel is losing its "ribbons" quite quickly.

 Old seed pods in front of new buds.

I had noticed the green witch hazel several weeks before the more colourful orangey one but the green one seems to be lasting longer. It's covered with little explosions of pale green crinkled ribbons.

There's not much left of the big mushroom now.

The gardener was strimming - he gave me a wave as I passed by.

I walked extremely cautiously today so not to jar my very sore back. Some places were very muddy after all the heavy rain yesterday.

Tiny ribbed leaves coming out. 

Hydrangea skeletons.

Dying mahonia leaf - amazing colours.

Blue sky back again.

Colourful leaves.

 Mossy roof with tiny mushroom growing on it.

Bright flowers - wet with rain.

Neat ripples fracturing the pond's reflection very evenly reminding me of a distorted image of bookshelves.

Thank you very much for joining me. 

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