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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Snowy early morning walk (Coombe Wood)

A light dusting of snow covered our garden this morning. I didn't know how long the snow would last so I quickly cleared the car and drove to Coombe Wood. Oh what a magical drive along the tree lined route. It was lovely snow that sticks onto the branches.

The pond was frozen again at the edge. 

The snow was sticky enough to stay on even the slimmest of branches.

Mine were the first footprints - apart from animal prints. 

Not a very good photo but it's easy to see why it's such sticky snow - the crystals are very thready and easily tangled.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. oh, what a treat! Some gorgeous photos today, and it looks as if there was quite a bit more than here. Bet it's all gone now like mine. (I'd love to be able to see Kew under snow, wish I lived closer)

    1. Thank you Helen - yes it was absolutely magical when I arrived but I don't think it would have lasted very long because the trees were dripping quite a lot towards the end of my walk and the ice on the pond had already melted.

    2. You had far more snow than we did here, although when I drove up towards Epsom Downs to pick up my son it was much heavier there too. Your tree photos in particular are magical!

    3. Thank you Cath. Amazing the difference between where I live - only a very light dusting of snow here, and just a short distance away in Coombe Wood where much more had settled.Well worth the trip out to enjoy it!