Arty journeys...


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Chilly Coombe Wood Walk and A walk down the garden

It was only 3 degrees when I left home but the sun was shining and patches of blue sky were visible between fluffy white clouds. As I arrived it all changed - grey clouds swept across the sky and I noticed tell-tale ripples on the pond, just before I felt the cold rain myself and my umbrella went up.

Leaf patterns.

 New growth.

 Bright berries against skeleton leaves.

I hope the banana plant will be OK - the protective covering has developed a gap.

A better look at the seed pods I saw a few days ago.

Buds on the same plant. 

New shoots appearing. 

Someone asked me how big the witch hazel flowers are. Here's my very cold index finger next to a cluster of the ribbon-like petals which gives an idea of the scale.

Wood chips - making striped pathways (over the muddier patches). 

 Shiny wet berries.

I've been wondering what happens to camellias that have opened so early because it's been so mild when the temperature drops. I think I found out the answer this morning - quite a few flowers have fallen off and are lying on the ground.

Hellebore middles again - so neat and tidy to start with, until they go wild and crazy.


The gardener transplanted some of the snowdrops last year - all along the edge of the grass beside the path near the yew arch. Two tiny buds are showing so far.

I hadn't noticed the thick knobbly trunk of this plant before - a funny face and a weird hairstyle?

In the flower beds beside the wide lawn some seed heads looked a bit like puff ball mushrooms from a distance.

Hellebore centre becoming wilder. 

A pheasant strutted and pecked in the lawn. 

I haven't noticed the ear tufts before. 

I was able to get quite close before it disappeared off into the bushes.

Euphorbias covered with tiny droplets of rain which shimmered silver in the returning sunlight.

Blue sky reappearing, reflected in the pond, as I was about to leave.

I had to move out of the way as this vehicle came in the gates carrying a big bag of what looked like firewood - I wondered if it was for the Coach House Cafe's open fire.

While I was still well wrapped up I went to see if the flood at the end of the garden had subsided yet. The ground is very squelchy but the grass is no longer submerged.

Shaggy clematis seed heads.  

Last year's little petal like bracket fungus has turned pale green and become very brittle.

New bracket fungus on old stem of lilac tree - with new purple buds showing.

Thank you very much for joining me.


  1. Shame you got caught in the rain, I hope you've warmed up now, it was very cold today! Gorgeous photos - love the twisted trunk/face!

    1. Thank you Helen. No problem with the rain - I wanted to do all-weather-photography but it did take a long while to warm up afterwards.