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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Blue sky Coombe Wood walk on Monday

It's a while since my last visit to Coombe Wood because I've had a very short notice art exhibition  (more about that in my next post) but I was delighted to grab the opportunity for a short walk on a sunny morning two days ago.

The low sun lit the euphorbia tops - they shimmered as they blew about in the breeze.

Pond reflections

A plank across the little stream The gardener - or children playing?

Silvery bark against blue sky

Crisscrossing contrails

What a wide beak the robin has when it sings

As the breeze blew its feathers ruffled but it still carried on singing

The bark around the snowdrops made them easier to photograph

Another robin - or the same one - flitted down to sit on the back of a bench.

Sunlight on the trees

Looking up through the wonderful shapes of the bare trees against the blue sky

Sunlight through tender new shoots

Fragile hydrangea skeletons

A tangle of furry buds

Sunlit remains of a plant by the pond

Tall bare tree trunks now festooned with ivy

Thank you very much for joining me. 

I hope to add a post about my exhibition soon.


  1. The robin(s) are just beautiful - what a big mouth, ha ha!! Great photos as always - I like the plank across the stream!