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Monday, 1 February 2016

Grey and breezy walk

It was so good to have some time and a little bit of energy to be able to get out for a walk in Coombe Wood this morning although I was extra slow and everything I photographed had to be within easy reach. (After effects of the exhibition - see previous blog post dated 31st Jan)

I could hear machinery - the gardener was clearing paths with the leaf blower.

We crossed paths and he stopped the machine, took off his ear defenders and told me that he'd seen the pheasants wandering about recently. I hoped I would come across them on my walk.

Tiny bright orange flowers with vivid pink stems by the pond

Primrose - with a centre like a floating pearl

Mahonia buds

Close up of very tufty moss

Shaggy flowers and dark berries

Mahonia flowers opening

Pink buds

The overall height of the plants in the prairie beds get lower and lower each time I visit as dead stems collapse or are removed - but there is a lot happening at ground level.

I was distracted by the bright shiny iris berries nearby

Back to the prairie beds - and a look at the new growth at the base of one kind of plant

Once again on the fence under the magnolia a robin sang

Clumps of daffodil buds are ready to burst open

Long stripy leaf veins and a tiny cluster of pink flowers

Delightful snowdrops

There they go - the pheasants scurrying off into the bushes near the wrapped banana plants.

Although I came across the pheasants again several more times all I managed to catch in a photo were their tails as they vanished into the undergrowth.

Crocuses pushing their way up through the remaining fallen leaves

Clumps of snowdrops among the red and yellow stems

All that's left from the red and orange witch hazel flowers

A different noise of machinery in the distance and a glimpse of the gardener's yellow jacket through the leaves as he pruned shrubs.

Azalea seed cases - dark hairy shells with pale smooth orange insides

At times it was still and quiet apart from the occasional bird singing or small children's voices as they played but at times the wind blew and tossed the branches about making a sound like the sea crashing onto the shore

Maybe I should be a bit concerned about branches falling if I'm walking in woods when the wind is strong - but I find it quite exhilarating

The Australian pine - with one pine cone at the side. There is some green at the top so it's  hopeful that it will still grow OK in spite of the dead tips in places

The orange and red witch hazel may have almost finished flowering but the pale green one is even more of a riot of little crinkled ribbon like explosions than it was before

Little dwarf irises

Snowdrops between the clumps of daffodils - no buds showing on these daffodils

More new growth at the base of plants in the prairie beds

The cat giving me a bit of a look. I'd been sitting on a bench stroking it but I'd removed it from my lap when it started kneading me with its claws.

Seed pods and dried stems in the flower bed at the side of the lawn - but plenty of new growth showing at the base of the plants here too

There are still a few spindle berries left on the trees at the back of the flower bed

 New growth at the base of dead twigs


The cat still giving me a look

Tiny flecks of pale blue on a shrub with pine like needles

Each "needle" has a silvery stripe running down the centre of the underside

The cat was following me 

Bright pink

and closer - these have what looks like a "floating pearl" in their centres, like the primroses

Jerusalem sage seed pods

Fish disturbing the surface of the pond

Daffodils on the rocks by the pond - very helpful for photographing without having to lean down

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. wow, spring is really springing!! what gorgeous photos - and I like walking in the wind too; as long as it's not too strong!

    1. Thank you Helen. It's very blustery out there now! I don't like it as much in the dark!