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Friday, 19 February 2016

A walk with my grandson (Coombe Wood Walk) and other photos


My grandson is doing his Scouts photography badge and I was asked to take him with me on a walk so he could take photos of trees, flowers etc. using his dad's very nice camera. My grandson has been taking photos in several different categories for this project during his half term break. It was a pleasure to take him!

The low sunshine was moving across the flowerbed melting the frost.

A colourful delivery lorry parked next to the fence creating strange reflections in the pond. I still haven't worked out how the horizontal striping happened - there's sky in the middle stripe but a harsh edge to the green watery bit at the bottom which doesn't make much sense to me.

Blue sky

Frosty prairie beds

Sunlit magnolia buds

 Frosty stubble

Grandson at work. We were talking about taking photos from unusual angles - getting down to ground level etc.

Clusters of red berries 

Sunlit trees 

Hellebore middle - surrounded by delicate pink freckles

Sunshine yellow

As we were heading for the cafe afterwards we heard the gardener say "Hello" but couldn't see where the voice came from until he popped up from a hollow behind some plants.

He showed us some strange mossy growths on a shed roof. There are quite a lot of these tufty green shapes against the blueish tiles.

The gardener also showed us a tree where woodpeckers have made holes and told us that the other day he had seen a parakeet peeping out from one of the holes and another parakeet clinging onto the tree. I pass this tree every time I go for a walk in Coombe Wood so I will be keeping an eye on those woodpecker holes in future.

My grandson and I made our way back to the cafe for ice creams - yes before the frost had even fully melted - and ate them outside while I looked through the photos he had taken . Very impressive - I don't think he will have any trouble getting his photography badge.

OTHER PHOTOS - from our garden

Crocus - a few days after being found on the grass with a broken stem. What a stunning colour combination - various shades of purple with that deep saffron centre

Clematis seeds. Depending which way the light is coming from these can look completely white like a cotton wool all - or feathery with dark central lines.

Some of the seeds have dispersed leaving a balding centre

A couple of bright splashes of colour 

Next door's catkins 

For a short while this afternoon it was like being at the beach. Someone had dropped a bag of chips outside our neighbours house - gulls circled, some perched on the lamp post opposite - and then diced with death between the cars trying to grab a chip or two.

Thank you very much for joining me


  1. Gorgeous photos - love the blue sky; it was very springlike to look at today (not so the temperature first thing). Very impressive piece of camera kit your grandson was using; too! LOVE the clematis seeds!

    1. Thank you very much Helen. Yes the camera is very unlike mine - but I did actually notice a few advantages to my little one. (I expect there are a lot of advantages to the other one too though!) The clematis seeds really shimmered in the sunlight today.

  2. How lovely to go out taking photos with our grandson. He is fortunate to have encouragement and tips from you and maybe some of your creative genes came his way as well.

    1. Thanks Tessa. Yes it was a real treat to go out taking photos with my grandson.