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Saturday, 28 February 2015


Raindrops glisten like a liberal scattering of gems. 

Purple buds turning green and beginning to open
This big beech tree has a hollow. part way up the trunk. I've seen various things in that hollow over the years - small toys, an Easter egg (from an after school club Easter egg hunt) and one winter there was a huge icicle hanging from the edge. For some time now it has been filled with beech nuts and pine cones.

The hellebores are still looking good
Looking down on the crocuses catching a glimpse of the saffron centre.
Buds ready to burst into life
Rain droplets on a partly opened flower.
Finally here are the mini drawings so far. 
Towards the end of my walk I bumped into some old friends. We chatted for a short while, which unfortunately aggravated my cough. I had been thinking about phoning them to ask if they would like to join me on my walk this morning but didn't as I left quite early. I definitely need to get better before I can have a sensible conversation with anyone without choking.

Finally here are the mini drawings so far
At the top - 9 drawings of something found in Coombe Wood - one each week.
Underneath - January and February, one drawing a day (of anything).
Each drawing is 3 cm square on a 5 cm square of water-colour paper, stained with used fruity tea bags.
I'm running out of space fast and need to make a decision on what to do with these little drawings. I'm still considering whether to use more boards or a book.

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  1. It's amazing how the raindrops can enhance some of the flowers, I especially like the way they seem to form a frill around the half open primrose. Maybe you could use your lovely little drawings in both ways, if you make prints for the book idea.

    1. Yes - I particularly liked that raindrop frill too.

      Thank you for triggering more ideas re the little drawings.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Not quite sure what happened Cath but your comment appeared on here twice so I have emoved one of them.

  3. The raindrops do add a kind of magic to the photographs, like snow and ice also do. Apart from the beauty of these extra adornments, I think their transience (more so than the flowers) is what helps create the magic. Lovely Angela

    1. Thank you very much Karen. It's definitely the transience, the constantly changing light, changing weather, seasons etc. that attract me.

  4. Gorgeous photos, as usual! Love the hellebores. I was out in the rain too, down at Mum's emptying the last of the stuff finally - we got wet and I will probably catch Richard's cold....

    1. Thank you Helen. Hope you managed to avoid the germs!