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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Coombe Wood Walk and project updates

The crocuses are really bursting out now. 

I hope you're not bored with snowdrops.
These are so neat - like little white teardrops

while these are open and showing their green and white insides.

Curly new shoots 

There's a delicate scent coming from these tiny flowers

A delivery came today. The box made me chuckle. 
'Time to conquer the world'?

I think it might take more than these to do that!

The one-a-week and one-a-day drawings are coming along. I still have to do one for today. 
I'm going to need a different way of displaying them - perhaps a book with a month to a page?

My Winter book is temporarily on hold. I need some more of this white thready paper but they didn't have any in the Art shop, Smiths or Lorrimers. If only I could remember what it's called, I might be able to order some online.

Thank you for joining me. 


  1. Looks like Mulberry paper to me. don't have any in white or I could send you some. Great photos again.

    1. Thank you Helen - that's exactly what it is! I'd completely forgotten.

  2. Lovely post Angela, spring is definitely in the air, and I love your little cards, they look really fresh. Have a look on Art Van Go for the paper, they seem to stock a good variety, and you could always phone them.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words Cath. Helen's right - it's called Mullberry paper but there's no mention of it in the Art Van Go catalogue that I can see Cath. I could try ringing them tomorrow but it is available from a couple of other places - so I have several options.