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Saturday, 14 February 2015

To the end of the garden and back

This morning I did some more work on the winter book and carried the snowdrop design around from the inside of the cover onto the first and last pages. I have only a vague idea what I'm going to do next. This is such an unusual way of working for me - I always want to have a good idea of how the end product will look before I start it.

Afterwards I had a walk down the garden, between showers. I was pretty horrified when I saw how much gardening needs to be done, everything is very overgrown.

I love these clematis seed heads - they're like funny little old men with long wispy beards 
or people with wild and crazy hairstyles
 Crocuses in the grass
 Signs that the bluebells are on their way
 Old fungus
 Striking colour of the iris berries
Later on after another shower of rain I managed a bit of pruning. 
Sometimes a task seems so huge 
there's only way to tackle it - a little at a time. 

Thank you for joining me.

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