Arty journeys...


Thursday, 12 February 2015

A local walk.

My new pain killers are working well so I decided to walk to the chemist to pick up another prescription rather than go by car. On the way back I went a different route and passed this house which I knew was around here somewhere but I don't think I'd noticed the plaque before.

As I was still feeling OK I decided to have a walk round Addiscombe Recreation Ground, which I haven't visited for years because I found it so uninspiring. I wondered if it had changed - or maybe I've changed and I might be able to find something to inspire.

This end of the park certainly wasn't very inspiring at first glance

but I like the patterns the bent wire, old cracked wood and peeling paint make


and the colours in the old layers of weather-worn paint 

Some areas were a bit grim

 and I began to think my low opinion of the park hadn't really changed since I last went there.

As I passed the courts surrounded by wire fences there was a young dad playing football with a toddler. It lifted my spirits to hear the encouragement he was calling out to the youngster.

Then I saw the snowdrops. 

and crocuses 

and they made me smile

There is almost always something beautiful to find if you look for it.
Before I go here's a quick peep at my daily anything-that-grabs-my-attention mini drawings and the weekly something-from-Coombe-Wood drawings. 

Sorry but I appear to be having some issues with layout today - I moved one thing and all sorts of other things moved leaving gaps everywhere - very irritating. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Great photos again, the crocus and snowdrops are gorgeous,and I love the peeling paint too. glad the painkillers are helping!

    1. Thank you very much for your encouraging comments Helen.

  2. So good to see that you're managing to walk further afield Angela, long may it last!