Arty journeys...


Thursday, 5 February 2015


The walk

It was a short walk because the pain is quite bad today. It was lovely to see the bank of snowdrops, with so many more flowers bursting into life, in front of the shelter at Coombe Wood .

Blue sky and sunshine was a bonus after the sleet earlier 
 Low winter sun on the magnolia and the bench
on the broken sundial
and the trees beside the pond
Two fish swimming past an old flower head
(could be a Primula Bulleyana) 

Another journey

Apart from my photography most other expressions of creativity feel pretty dried up - life has knocked all the stuffing out of me physically and emotionally but, thanks to the art group I belong to, I'm often able to take some tiny steps towards greater creativity again. At our get together on Tuesday Cath (see her lovely artwork here) showed us how to make paper beads. It's a long time since I tried making these - without any great success. Cath makes gorgeous paper beads. My first attempts on Tuesday weren't very good but since then I've made some more and discovered that I like them better when they're made with my own papers (old artwork etc.) rather than magazine pages and I prefer them with a smaller hole in them.

I wrote to my art group friends the following day saying "I suppose I'd better stop making paper beads now till I find a use for the ones I've made so far..." but this morning I made some more and discovered that while I was working on them an idea came to me about what I'd like to do with them. Sometimes it helps to take some little steps before you have any idea of where you're going.

Thank you for joining me.


  1. I always have to write twice to get any comment to appear. ... can't find a way around it. I commented on the sense of peace I get from these lovely winter photographs. Your beads have turned out really well, lovely colouring and good shape. Keep having fun with them and I look forward to seeing how you use them.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Karen. I appreciate the fact that you have persevered to put your comments on here in spite of the difficulties.I don't know what is causing the problem - I've had trouble replying to comments twice.