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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Thinking about journeys

Some journeys are physical - travelling from one place to another e.g. my Coombe Wood walks. They're also an exciting journey of discovery and hopefully part of my journey to better health. (My doctor has told me to go for gentle walks as often as possible.)
Delicate Mahonia flowers with a delightful scent like lily of the valley
Snowdrops popping up
Pheasants strutting. I saw a group of three there this morning.
A welcome warming cuppa by the fire with a friend
I am also thinking about other kinds of journey e.g. a journey of learning as we practice something like scales on the piano or in my case daily drawings . . .
Little daily drawings of anything that grabs my attention

and weekly drawings of things picked up on a Coombe Wood walk
Then there are other journeys - the journey through life, through emotional or spiritual experiences etc. With my art group we are working on some artwork connected with moods. I haven't got off the starting blocks with that one yet. One step at a time - another journey about to start. 

Thank you for joining me. 

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