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Friday, 30 January 2015

Dancing on the inside

I'm sure I look as if I'm just wandering slowly around Coombe Wood (carefully so as not to jar my back - just had MRI results - prolapsed and torn disc) but inside I'm dancing. There's always something different to notice and it doesn't matter what state of mind I'm in before I get there, while I'm there my mood lifts. (There must be something in the last sentence that could be used for the beginnings of our art group project on mood.)

This morning was dull and grey while I waited for a parcel delivery but as soon as I was able to go out the sky very kindly turned blue.

Magnolia buds against the blue sky
Spring bulbs pushing their way up into the sunshine
Bronze papery Golden Rain Tree pods shining against the blue sky
Grasses in the newly planted prairie bed
I love the snowdrops
The explosion of spores from this puffball must
have been very powerful to create a hole like that at the top
Very short pastel coloured irises
Iris tubers beginning to shoot
- looks like a frog or a crab with some legs missing
Moss in the sunshine
In a few months this wall will be covered with foliage and flowers
More moss
 It was a real bonus to enjoy a walk in the sunshine.

Thank you very much for joining me.


  1. As usual Angela, your photos bring a breath of fresh air to a dark cold winter evening! Hope there is something that can be done to help your back problem, now that they know what the problem is.

  2. Love the photos - it was such a wonderfully sunny day today and you got some gorgeous photos again.

  3. I've had a lovely wander around Combe Gardens without moving from my chair. What a nice selection of photos of life in a winter garden. I think I'm sufficiently inspired to have a search around our garden now.

  4. Lovely photos - am sufficiently inspired now to go searching in our garden.