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Friday, 23 January 2015

Another cold and frosty walk

What a surprise to see frost flowers again this morning at Coombe Wood. The conditions have to be just right for them to be produced - I'd never seen them before Tuesday but there were new ones there again this morning.

Ribbon-like shapes

Very long frost crystals

Beginning to thaw
Frost on a curly fern leaf
"Steam" coming from a frosty roof in the sunshine
When I got home again the frost still hadn't melted so I went out for a closer look and took this photo of an old shed window (double glazed) with beautiful frosty patterns on.

Thank you for joining me. 


  1. I've obviously missed a beautiful opportunity yet again Angela! After a busy day yesterday, I slept in this morning, very nice I know, but then got up and got stuck in to chores when I should really have at least gone into the garden to look for those frost flowers. Now I'm hoping for at least one more really frosty morning, your photos are so inspiring.

  2. Thank you Cath. Apparently frost flowers are quite rare. They need just the right temperature and conditions. See http://en.wikiI've They were just around one plant in Coombe Wood - never seen them before anywhere.