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Saturday, 17 December 2016

More little journeys including a Coombe Wood walk

It was getting very misty out there . . .

I popped to the Post Office - what a lot of yellow flowers in the car park - and underneath each shrub there was a pool of tiny yellow petals. I never regret taking too many photos - you can always delete them. I do regret having second thoughts and not taking another one - for example, I didn't take one of the petals on the ground.

The mist was getting thicker so I thought I would squeeze in a short walk at Coombe Wood.

There are still some striking colours. 

The gardener has been busy digging and mulching. The other day there was a mass of leaves under this little acer. Everything was neat and tidy today.

A patchwork of soil, plants, mulch etc. and the vibrant green of the duckweed in the stream.

Yellow leaves in the mist. 

Prairie beds in the mist. 

Turning leaves. 

Crinkly grass.

Tiny droplets of water on the crinkly grass. 

I was about to lean on this post to take hydrangea photos but noticed the elaborate spiders web just in time.

Another tree that is late to drop its leaves - many have fallen now and are spread all over the plants below.

As it needed to be a shorter walk today because I didn't have long and can't walk very fast because of my foot, I took a slightly different route. I stopped when I heard a screeching noise and looked for the bird that was causing it. I was surprised to discover that it was actually a squirrel making that noise. Another squirrel joined it and the pair were scampering around in the tree above me. They're only just visible in the photos below - they were quite speedy as well as being noisy.

I passed the witch hazel closer than normal - I hadn't realised they had come out yet. I don't think I would have noticed them if I'd gone the usual way. .

This is the normal view I get of this shrub - I would have thought they were dried up leaves on it - not the strange exploding party popper style orange flowers. 

Some work is being done here - a bench is being replaced.

A new crop of puffball mushrooms - most of them have exploded, spreading their spores.

The other witch hazel (the later one with lime green flowers) hasn't started coming out yet.

Another slightly different route took me closer than usual to the pink flowers that I had noticed the other day.  

Bright garlands of turning leaves and red berries hang on this tree. .
Mystery wild flower festooned with spiders webs.

Still quite misty in places. 

Last look at the pond before going home.  

I had to go to the post box later on and passed the school playing field which was still very misty.

I noticed some dark lumps on the grass and zoomed in with the camera to discover geese.

 Quite a flock of them in fact.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. wow, it was much lighter mist than at Kew, wasn't it! love the witch hazel; and so much more colour than I saw.

    1. The mist was very patchy. There's a surprising amount of colour at Coombe Wood with leaves changing colour as well as new things opening. I didn't see magnolia buds - but you did at Kew.

  2. Mid winter and still so much colour! I drove from Epsom to Eastbourne this morning in thick mist most of the way, but Eastbourne itself was clear with blue skies and warm sunshine.

    1. Yes - a surprising amount of colour. The mist was quite patchy here - and every now and then more rolled in. I don't think it ever completely cleared. Quite thick here again this morning.