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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Bright frosty morning walk (Coombe Wood)

A cold but bright frosty morning. There appear to be orange holly berries by the pond. I didn't think holly berries were this colour - I need to look closer next time to see if a branch of something else is pushing through the holly.

The frost is more developed on certain plants. 

One of the little neat mushrooms - like a little cushion with piping around the edge.

A dustbin lorry drew up next to the railings changing the reflections in the pond.

Frosty prairie beds. 

Thick frost on the bark paths between the prairie planting. 

Frosty footprints.

The paths were white with frost and very slippery. 

 Arching stems of fluffy grass seeds

Crinkly ones like little explosions.

 Frosted leaf veins 

Sunlight breaking through high up in the trees. 

White heather and a frosted leaf. 

White heather. 

Melted frost giving a watery gloss to the leaf. 

A single leaf had landed on the step to the broken water fountain - looking like an exhibit on a plinth.

Marmalade coloured witch hazel flowers.

Sunlight at the top of the trees. 

Frosted leaves.


Interesting frost pattern on an old tree stump. 

The remains of a couple of wild carrot seed heads. 

The unidentified plant in the wild flower area - these may look fluffy but they have vicious hooked spikes.

A winged seed on the old sun dial - like a sycamore seed but with a much longer narrower seed compartment.

Again I wonder how these survive such a harsh frost - but they do.

Frost crystals. 


Frost beginning to melt. 

The sun was on this flower bed - the red flowers seem happier than the purple ones at the moment.

A wonderful mixture of contrasting colours and textures reflecting in the still water of the pond. . 

Pulling back a bit to include the reflections of the railings.

Further round - ghost-like fish swimming among the reflections.

Sunlit bulrushes. 

A bright green shrub seemed even brighter in its reflection.

At home again - the bird bath was frozen in a strange pattern. I thought the middle had melted but it was all frozen solid. Clear ice in the middle and white heavily patterned ice around the edge

The water butt had fragments of ice floating on the surface which distorted the reflections. 

A closer look at the ice patterns on the bird bath. 

Miniature mossy landscape around the edge. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. Fabulous photos - I love the ice patterns, they are amazing! Love the moss in the last picture.