Arty journeys...


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Frosty morning walk (Coombe Wood)

A harsh frost clothed the plants this morning. 

Close up frost crystals. I was surprised how long some of the crystals were. 

Frosty lawn. 

Frost on mossy lumps between the corrugations of the long shed roof.

Sunlight on golden leaves. 

Frost crystals on fern. 

Ice on the pond. 

Some of the short grasses were weighed down with the frost. 

The remains of these flowers had white topnots this morning.

No frost on most of the taller grasses. Delicate creamy white frost free grassy fronds.

Frosty decorations - very long crystals on these. 

Frost on the concrete bench.

Sunlight breaking through showing up the rich colours.

Almost all of the leaves have fallen off this tree.

Underneath the tree there is a carpet of huge leaves. 

There are still some colourful leaves to be seen. 

and it was lovely to see the blue sky between bare branches..

At the other end of the lawn the tracks in the frost were more visible. I think they were yesterday's tracks because I was there quite early and there was only one other car there this morning. I didn't see anyone else the whole time I was there.

The squirrel was startled by my cough and turned to see what was happening.

 The broken gnomon on the sundial. 

Sunlight on the tree trunk reflected gold in the icy pond.

Clear reflections further into the centre of the pond. 

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. oh I would have loved to have been out this week with my camera! beautiful frosty shots, and love that golden reflection in the pond.

    1. Thank you Helen. I liked the way the golden reflection is clear in places and muted in others because of the ice on the pond. What a shame you couldn't get out with your camera on these frosty mornings.