Arty journeys...


Monday, 5 December 2016

Another frosty morning walk at Coombe Wood

A beautiful crisp morning with blue skies and a covering of frost.

Parts of the pond were icy with fallen leaves frozen into the surface.

How do winter bedding plants recover from this? 

Frost on leaves - making beautiful patterns. 

Frost - not all of it like the usual short or long crystals that I've seen but some was like little fluted leaves.

Various frosty photos . . . 

Frosty fluffy seeds.

Big leathery magnolia leaves - edges and veins highlighted with frost.

Frost crystals on the arm of a wooden bench.

 Frost on the remains of some flowers.

It's really hard to believe that this stubble will be taller than me again next summer and covered in bright flowers. .

Some of the grasses have been flattened by the cold weather - others just droop under the weight of the frost.

 These are flattened but delicately decorated with long frost crystals.

All that remains of the massive plants which had the incredible dark berries

Abutilon flower in the frost - I'm surprised these have survived this long.

Some of the leaves are looking extremely droopy though.

Colourful leaves muted with frost. 

Oh these berries surprise me every time - so many of them this year - and such an extraordinary colour.

A pool of light.

Some little pockets of mist remained. 

An abundance of acer seeds, 

 Buds like little candle flames on bare branches. 

Lichen on a fallen twig 

It seems like a funny time of year for buds to be developing. 

Frosty cosmos seed pods with bright red contents. 

More fluffy seeds and frost. 

The mystery plant in the wild flower area. 

Fabulous red berries. 

Spindle berries in the sunshine. 

Sedum looking very colourful underneath the frost. 

 Mossy roof. 

 More colourful leaves. 

Thick frosty coating. 

Looking closer at the leaf shaped frost crystals. 

Leaves edged in frost. 

Jerusalem sage (I think) - frosty highlights on the starry seed head compartments.

Hops in the sunshine. 

Hips on prickly stems. 

Clusters of red berries and bright leaves in the sun. 

It was still quite frosty when I was leaving.

Thank you very much for joining me. 


  1. WOW!! so many photos to drool over, I love them - today was the perfect day to get out and enjoy the frost.. wish I could have done so too! The purple berries really do keep on, don't they, incredible; and provide a great contrast to the frost.

    1. Thank you Helen. It was lovely. Yes - the purple berries are incredibly long lasting this year!