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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Tuesday - Coombe Wood in the sunshine

I had to go to the dentist first to have a chipped front tooth repaired. I don't mind going to see my dentist because I have such a lovely dentist - and this is the view from the car park!

Then on to Coombe Wood and the cyclamen carpet has thickened.

Just inside the gate

The pond was so clear that I could see the big fishes shadows on the bottom of the pond.

The smaller fish were clearly visible (although the willow leaves in the pond looked very similar to fish).

Grasses - white fluffy. 

Some of the grasses make a thin veil that the colourful flowers show through.

 Other grasses make a thicker curtain. 

There are still a lot of flowers

You can barely see any leaves on this low-growing flower-covered shrub.

Looking closer. 

Banks of colour. 

And looking closer again - water droplets in the middle of this flower. 

The gardener working on some topiary. 

The gardener has widened some of the pathways among the prairie planting - most were impassable last time I was there.

Sunlight on flowers always catches my attention. 

Honesty seeds in the sunlight. 

Further into the woods a couple of medium sized branches were down. There are probably more following the high winds last night.

Leaves changing colour. 

 More flowers in the sun. 

Spindleberries in various stages. 

Open spindleberry (love this colour combination!)

Crocosmia seeds. 

More flowers. 

 Teasels and webs. 

Red grasses. 

Creamy white flowers. 

Berries beginning to turn orange. 

Orange dahlias growing up through an abutilon plant.

I wish I knew what these are - they are about pea sized and those are such an incredible colour. 

The berries darken and become very glossy.

Some big sunlit leaves

The fallen willow branch is still in the pond - making fabulous reflections.

Thank you very much for joining me.